Friday, October 27, 2006

ENFP - this is me!

At work today we did one of these tests I would say that it was pretty accurate of my personality, I came out as an Extravert, Intuitive, Feelings and Perceptive type, these were my results:

Common Qualities of Extraverts:
Attracted to many different things
Like to talk, sometimes without thinking
Like to get involved, make it happen
Keyword: Outgoing

Common Qualities of Intuitives:
Notice the whole picture
Theoretical - interested in WHY things work
Creative - like to experiment
Keyword: Imaginative

Common Qualities of Feelers:
Appreciate sensitivity
Quick to give support
Merciful - individual circumstances noted
Keyword: Compassionate

Common Qualities of Perceptives:
Are comfortable with "winging it"
Like to have an open-ended approach
Postpone decisions - sometimes procrastinate
Keyword: Flexible

General Description:
ENFPs are friendly and creative. ENFPs are curious, wanting to know what else besides the routine approach might work and they are flexible, always willing to try something new. They loathe regular routine and find themselves constantly pulled to new adventures before they have completed their old ones. ENFPs can be persuasive speakers, able to express a vision more easily than others and often make dynamic leaders.

Career Insights:
Being sensitive to people and interested in their welfare, ENFPs develop good people skills in such areas as communication, conflict resolution, listening, problem solving and mediation. The best careers for ENFPs will respect their desire to help others in imaginative ways, and where the work setting is free from bureaucratic rules. Careers that honour an ENFPs strengths include counselling, teaching (art, music, drama), psychology, acting and entertainment, clergy and public relations.

What are you?


CraigS said...


SamR said...

INTJ also.

Nixter said...

Where are all the Extraverts?

John Dekker said...

I'm an ENTP.

Justin said...

ENFP. Same.

Lara said...

I'm the complete opposite of you, Nixter - ISTJ!!

sophg said...

I'm also an INTJ. We had to do this test in school!

sophg said...

That's weird - three INTJ's in one 5 person sample. Aren't we meant to be 1 per cent! hah

Tracy said...

ENTP. I like the descriptions given on your test, Nixter. I often don't think that the description for me is very accurate. I should try this one and see what I get.

mike said...

ENFJ usually although I haven't done this test in recent times. Pikeys are almost the same Chavettes.

lm1 said...

ESTJ I took the test you refured to.... but nobody else seems to have an S what up with that. and I really don't think I am an extrovert... but oh well.

lm1 said...

okay as I suspected... i re did the test and walla...I am a ISTJ

Nixter said...

I know Soph, I was wondering where are the extraverts were, but we have a few on here now :)

Good to see you around!!

Nixter said...

It must mean you are special lm1 ;)