Monday, April 30, 2007

close up picture of a sea horse - amazing

church weekend escape

We had a fun weekend escape with our evening church this weekend, it was great as it was only an hour away which was very awesome, not having to worry about a 2 hour drive on Friday after work was really lovely..

We arrived and got straight into the book of Jonah. It was really great to get to look at the book of Jonah, not just through the bible talk but also through small groups. Other then the obvious bits I was intrigued about Jonah and realised that I didn't know the story as well as I thought and there was a lot more to it.

It was cool to catch up with all my friends and to also meet some new people who I got to put names to faces. On Saturday night we had a 'red faces' night, as you might guess I mostly love stuff like that, our team had an 'improvising' task where we had to come up with an scenario to act out, one of the members of our group had to go out and NOT know what it was and then when we performed the scenario that person got to part take, hence the 'improv'. That person was SP and the scenario was 'speed dating' - it was highly amusing and poor SP had no idea what was happening.. The other teams had different 'tasks', I had sore cheeks from laughing. A group of us ended the night with 'Taboo' and then it was off to bed, I had some girlie chats with the ladies in my room which was fun, then it was off to sleep.

Sunday we had our finaly talk on Jonah and then we had a talk on the Lord's Supper, we ended the weekend sharing a meal and communion with each other. It was cool to share this meal together and to 'celebrate' what Christ has done for us on the cross. I was a bit tired after the busy weekend but not too bad. All in all a fun weekend was had by all.

Friday, April 27, 2007

church camps and married couples

This morning I was having a chat in the office with my boss and colleague about church camps and being a married couple. This weekend will be my first church weekend away as a 'married' and so for the first time is has occurred to me that you don't get to stay in the same room as your husband, which therefore caused me to think about what I think about that.

I am sitting on the fence as I can see pro's and con's of both:

- it would be financially and logistically a lot tougher to organise a room for each couple individually, it would probably increase the cost significantly and be a lot harder to organise.

- a lot of campsites and venues, normally have rooms which cater for 6 people, so it wouldn't make sense to put just two people in one room.

- should we see marriage as a family unit? couples with kids get their own room (which I think is absolutely right) but a married couple is also a 'family' too. Does that mean they should get their own room?

- in marriage the two becoming one is a gift from God and placing an importance on having couples stay together is a good thing.

- Does is really matter for the sake of two nights?? If it means the charge will be greatly reduced then can't we just let it be?

- It is a great opportunity to have some girlie time sleep over. It's always fun.

- Should there be a choice for couples to pay more to have a room to themselves.

Anyway, I haven't thought a lot about it and these are just some of my initial thoughts, as I said I am not sure what I think. When I have thought some more on this I will post my thoughts.

What do you think?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

meet legs

This is Legs, he arrived in the mail today with a note:

"Hi Nix and S, my name is 'Legs' and I need looking after. I have been traumatised by the journey and need a lot of love and attention".

This was sent to me by my lovely Aunt in England who just lost her Mum (Mrs S), this handsome teddy bear belonged to Mrs S and Mary-Ann told me she thought her Mum would have wanted me to have it. It's come a long way and I love it, particularly because it belonged to Mrs S. I am going to keep it and give it to our kids - if and when we can have them. I will be able to tell them all about where it came from and who it belonged too.

Thanks Mary-Ann. Legs is welcome to the family and will be very much looked after.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i want a cat

Today on my way to work after a meeting I popped into a little Pet Shop and saw the cutest kitten, a ragdoll and himalayan cross (see pic) - I really want a kitten and this one was all by itself and was so so so cute.

I have to way up the pros and cons of having a cat:


1. I love cats - well some cats and would really like one again.
2. They are good company. You don't have to pick up their poop like you do with dogs - yucko, I think that would make me vomit.
3. They are independent.
4. We had a cat when I was little but I terrorised it so my Mum had to give it away, I no longer terrorise cats so I can now own one ;)
5. I would be able to comment on Monica and Phoebe's blog. I mean my new cat could comment on the blog ;)


1. We only live in a unit so not as much room as a house.
2. SP is allergic (just a minor detail ;)
3. I want the cat to be an outside cat and that be might be hard in our unit block.
4. SP isn't as keen as I am. He said when we have a house we can get one.

Can you thing of any other pro's and con's with getting a cat?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


are wii's wiially that funny?

what genre are you into?

As I said yesterday SP and I went to watch 'Disturbia' on the weekend, I love thrillers but not horrors. The more real and 'could actually happen' movies (which actually make them more scary I guess) that keep you on the edge of your seat is what I am into - but I haven't seen many in the last few years. So it was good to see a good one.

I like most genre of movies, comedies, romantic comedies, animated, action. Horrors - I just can't do them anymore, I used to watch them when I was younger and have nightmares now when I watch some of the movies that once petrified me I just laugh eg Friday 13th etc.

What genre are you into? What is your favourite movie of all time?

Monday, April 16, 2007


SP and I went to watch this movie on Saturday, I really liked it. It was a little bit funny but it was also a bit scary.

If you don't like scary movies - don't watch the movie or the trailer ;)

I give it 7/10.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

on-line grocery shopping

Now I know a few of you buy your groceries on-line and I was thinking of giving it a go.

Can you tell me the ones you recommend please???

Also how does the price compare with places like 'Coles' and 'Woolworths'? the fruit and veg nice and fresh?


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

the weekend

This weekend was just lovely, we went to the Hunter Valley from Friday to Monday. We arrived at this lovely Tuscany looking building and had the cutest little room with a great view - we even had Kangaroos come at the back of our room. We had a massage and spent the evening relaxing had dinner and a fab glass of red wine (it is the Hunter Valley) just chilling. Saturday we got up had a game of tennis - I am improving! and then at 10.30am we were 'all aboard' for a bus trip around 5 different vineyards to sample wine - it was really nice and we got to try some lovely wines. We had a pleasant lunch, tried some yummy cheeses, met some nice people and purchased a few super bottles of wine. If you ever come for dinner - you might get lucky ;)
Sunday 'our actual anniversary' we did our own trip around a few boutique vineyards we had heard about, this was fun to do by ourselves, I also took some pictures of the beautiful flowers it was so pretty - but we didn't take too many pictures of us ;(
Sunday night we went out for a meal at a place called Roberts - scrummy yummy food was had and the place was so quaint and cute inside and out. I had been there once before with a friend who was out from England, we happened to stumble on it - two English girls not really knowing there way around - we didn't do too badly. I have been wanting to take SP there for a while.
Yesterday we headed home after coffee and a muffin via SP's grandparents place, we thankfully missed any of the nasty Easter weekend traffic and we are now back to work, anniversary over - working on our second year of marriage ;)

I will post some pics up soon ;) Happy Tuesday.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

almost a year

It is hard to believe that this Sunday will be our first wedding anniversary - WOW.

How time flies. A lot of people told me 'the first year is the hardest' - there has certainly been some hard moments and I am sure there will be plenty more to come but it has also been a great time of growing together and also of personal growth for each of us.

What I have noticed with marriage is that when it is hard - it is REALLY hard but when it is good - it is REALLY good. God has stretched me out of my comfort zone, forced me to learn to reconcile and work through issues rather than run away and ignore them, this is extremely tough for me but extremely beneficial.

I realize that God absolutely knew what he was doing when he brought SP into my life, God knows me better than I know myself and he knows SP better than SP knows himself, he knew my needs and he knew SP's needs and he brought us together to become one flesh - faults an all. Two sinful human beings under God's rule learning to put each other first - it isn't easy but I wouldn't have it any other way. We certainly don't have it all together - selfishness and self preservation raises it's ugly head a lot, we are still learning daily and I am sure will do so for the rest of our lives together.

I loved my life before I was married, I loved sleeping in my big bed by myself but now I miss SP when he is home late and feel weird being on my own in bed, it's amazing how quickly the two becoming one flesh becomes a reality. I thank God for SP and for our first year of marriage, I pray that God continues to grow us in the knowledge of himself and in the knowledge of each other. God is the one we are to be living for in ways that please him, my prayer is that we would continue to do that, yes we will fail but I pray we have perseverance to continue this path that God has ordained and brought about.

We are off to the Hunter Valley on Friday for the whole weekend, I can't wait. SP needs a break from work, we will be having a massage - visiting the vineyards in the area and then on Sunday - our anniversary day we are going out to this lovely restaurant for dinner - Yum, I can't wait. So today is like a Friday for me, off tomorrow and then a lovely long weekend - YEHA!!!

Happy Wednesday :)