Saturday, December 20, 2008



It's a BOY !!!

This is Ruth posting to let you all know that:

Nixter had a gorgeous baby boy:

He was born:

Thursday, 18th December, 12:17a.m
Weighing 3.4kg (7.9lbs)
Length 52cm.

'A' a bit jaundiced currently under uv, but very well.

Nixter, the amazing - gave birth DRUG FREE !!!

Nixter and SP are enjoying him immensely, and are very thankful to finally meet him face to face!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

nixter is looking for a house/cat sitter

My Mum and Jules are arriving in just over a week which is going to be excellent and we have a holiday house on the South Coast booked for a week from 3rd January til 10th January. We are going with SP's family so it should be fun and we will have a little one by then too.

BUT our other little one - Moses the Cat needs someone to look him!

So I was wondering if I know you in real life and you fancy a little holiday of your own, not too far from the beach (we have Foxtel ;) and you don't mind kitty cats then let me know - comment, call or email me!

Moses is really a good little cat, he likes company and just look how cute he is! He keeps out of mischief and does a lot of this:

If you can help out and you are around that week or even for part of the week let me know ;)

Friday, December 12, 2008

guess the weight, date and name ;)

I thought as it is close to due date and to meeting Squiggly it would be fun to get you all to guess how heavy you think the baby will be (see past posts for a clue, don't say I never help you) and also when Squiggly will arrive on the 'outside', again past posts will help with when I am due ;)

I am also keen to see what names you can come up with!

Happy Guessing. The winner will be revealed soon (hopefully!)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

lil squiggly's cute chubby face at 39 weeks

Good news is Squiggly is doing all the right things other than engaging, he's a healthy (and not too bad after all) 3.6kg (8.2lbs) 'ish' and is measuring perfectly. His heart is a beating well and the placenta is working well too.

We got a couple of 3D shots of his cute little face and doesn't it look chubby and less skeleton like now. His Mamma feeds him well!

One is a side on photo (3D) and the other is a front on of his face - too cute. I can't wait to see it in real life.

Please keep praying he might engage so I can have a natural birth but I am feeling a little better about the whole situation now I have a better idea of how big he is so now it's all about his position! He needs to go down, down, down, down, down now and we are set .

Monday, December 08, 2008

39 week appt

So I had my 39 week appt today at the ob. The baby still hasn't really engaged, he thinks Squiggly may be slightly lower down than before but not that much.

Also the ob thinks that this is a big baby which he had already told me last week but he said today that Squigs isn't smaller than 4kg (8.8lbs) so tomorrow I have to go and have a ultrasound to see how big the baby actually is which will help make the decision about what we do about birth. The ob is keen to allow me to try to go through labour naturally (which I think nowadays isn't as common, he said a lot of ob's would be gearing me up for a c-section already) but depending on how big the baby is may depend on how we go and how long he let's me try to labour naturally considering the size and the bub and the fact he is still not engaged.

I am a little disappointed and it's started me thinking through the real possibility of having this little man by c-section. BUT you never know, I have a week to go til my due date, the ob just wants to have all the info so he is better informed to help me make the right decision which will keep me and the big huge baby growing in me safe.

I will let you know how the ultrasound goes tomorrow. It will be fun to see Squigs on the big screen again.

At least the little (or not so little one) is growing healthy which is a good thing! Praise God for that.

Anyhoo - I will keep you posted but prayers for a natural birth would be great and appreciated.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

naughty squiggly ;)

Squiggly is already being a little bit naughty - I went for my 38 week check up on Monday and even though last week the little one was a little bit in the pelvis, it seems that this week they have retreated and they are still a fair way off engaging! There is still a whole lot more to do between now and next Monday. Also I have been told Squiggly is 'AT LEAST' 8lbs - OH MY GOODNESS - they are going to be huge!

The OB wants to give me an opportunity to see if Squiggly has engaged by next Monday (39 weeks) but if not the chances of me having this little one naturally are very slim! So then we will have to think about a c-section which I didn't really want to have! But there is still a week to go right! So they might drop down between now and then and if not I could have a little one in a week and a half - my OB does c-sections at 39 to 39 1/2 weeks. WOW!

Please pray that Squiggly drops down before next Monday, it can happen over night so it's not impossible but it's not looking all that good. I really want to be able to have a natural birth and I know the recovery with a c-section is longer and tougher and I was hoping to avoid that with my Mum and Jules coming out in just a few weeks. BUT as long as we have a safe and healthy delivery/baby - that's the main thing. But if you think about it pray Squiggly gets their head into gear.