Tuesday, December 02, 2008

naughty squiggly ;)

Squiggly is already being a little bit naughty - I went for my 38 week check up on Monday and even though last week the little one was a little bit in the pelvis, it seems that this week they have retreated and they are still a fair way off engaging! There is still a whole lot more to do between now and next Monday. Also I have been told Squiggly is 'AT LEAST' 8lbs - OH MY GOODNESS - they are going to be huge!

The OB wants to give me an opportunity to see if Squiggly has engaged by next Monday (39 weeks) but if not the chances of me having this little one naturally are very slim! So then we will have to think about a c-section which I didn't really want to have! But there is still a week to go right! So they might drop down between now and then and if not I could have a little one in a week and a half - my OB does c-sections at 39 to 39 1/2 weeks. WOW!

Please pray that Squiggly drops down before next Monday, it can happen over night so it's not impossible but it's not looking all that good. I really want to be able to have a natural birth and I know the recovery with a c-section is longer and tougher and I was hoping to avoid that with my Mum and Jules coming out in just a few weeks. BUT as long as we have a safe and healthy delivery/baby - that's the main thing. But if you think about it pray Squiggly gets their head into gear.


Alison said...

Nicki, I've heard that babies sometimes don't engage until labour is established - I'll see if I can find some stuff to email you...

Ben McLaughlin said...

will definately pray nic

Bonnie said...

Will be praying and in the meantime here's some info I got from googling to encourage squiggly to move down:

- if you can manage to do some deep squats
- negotiate a set of stairs sideways (or even the right way if you can't manage that), both of these will help open up your pelvis and encourage baby to move down.
- walk as much as you can
- use a fit ball (bouncing around on it)
- breast-stroke swimming
- star jumps(!!!!)
- spending time on all fours
- yoga in general

Also, sometime babies don't engage until your water's break or you're induced. Given babies are usually induced only after they're 2 weeks late, it seems a bit early to jump to a c-section at 39 weeks? Can't the OB hang on for another few weeks to see if maybe Squiggly is just a bit slow to arrive?

Nixter said...

Thanks for all your top tips Alison and Bonnie - am going to try some of those things Bonnie and let you know how I go ;)

Bonnie said...

I've been praying. How are the squats going? :-) Is squiggly getting into gear yet?