Friday, October 31, 2008


what does God mean when he says this?

To the woman he said,
"I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing;
with pain you will give birth to children.
Your desire will be for your husband,
and he will rule over you."

Genesis 3:16

I have always wondered what this means, I will 'greatly increase your pains'.

Any thoughts?

almost an expert ;)

Last week SP and I went to the first of two antenatal days.

This past Saturday was on Childbirth and included info on the hospital, labour, pain relief and the actual birth plus what happens while you are in hospital for 4 days and 4 nights.

We listed all the questions that we wanted answered over the course of the day.

It was helpful and daunting - it made me think through some things I hadn't even considered, particularly about labour, what to do during labour and pain relief. We also got to see some videos - nice! It certainly doesn't look like a picnic but when I look down at my belly I think "Well you have to come out one way or another, neither is particularly appealing but let's suck it up and get it on".

I am at the stage where everything is getting a little harder, I am quite big now (one lady at Myer asked me yesterday when I was due and said 'I don't think you will go that long!' Gee thanks lady! Are you saying my bump looks big in this?) And I am also desperate to meet the little one inside me who wiggles so so so much!

Tomorrow is our final class before I become an 'expert' ;) Joking I am far far from being an expert! This day is spent looking at parenting, I have read one book called 'Babywise' on parenting and routines etc but that is the only book other than the 'Up The Duff' book I have read.

So it should be another fascinating day of learning more about parenthood. I am excited but scared about the whole thing - not the class but the actually having a baby. I love kids and have been told I am good with them but actually having your own is a whole different ball game that I am just trying to get my head around.

Despite the fears and apprehension - I can't wait! Just over 6 weeks to go!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

come to australia

A friend sent me this and I thought it was very funny. It's particularly funny when you are British and you know that these scary animals/creatures of the sea are what you fear encountering when you come to Australia. Even though it is not often yoiu bump into a shark, unless you are at the Aquarium!

I have killed one red back with my bare hands (try my flip flop aka thongs) in Canberra after 4 1/2 years of living here, it was the middle of the night and I saw a bug so I looked under the bed and saw the red back on the curtains - I thought if I kill it I know it won't get me but if I leave it he might get me! I killed it and put it down the toilet. I AM SO TOUGH!

I have never met any of the other deadly and dangerous animals/creatures that appear in this video! Oh other than a kangaroo and koala!

2 more days to go!

I can hardly believe that I only have 2 more days of work until I finish!

I am totally ready as this traveling in on the bus thing is getting a bit old, especially when it's really hot, you have a very large bump and there is NO air conditioning = not fun! Plus I am starting to find everything that bit harder now so I am a lot slower and get tired a little easier, although the tired thing hasn't really been too much of a problem for me which has been good!

At the same time it is a really strange feeling that my 'working' life is coming to an end for a while. Don't get me wrong I am not sad about leaving I am actually relieved and feel ready to leave. I am so looking forward to being a Mummy even though it is all very unknown. we are preparing for a baby but don't yet have the baby in our hands to care for. It's wondering what life will be like and knowing that I am only going to be able to answer that question when Squiggly arrives.

I can't wait to meet Baby Powell, to see what they look like, who they look like - will they have my ears or SP's ears? will they have red hair or blonde hair?

Seven weeks seems like a very long time to wait to meet this little one but I am going to look forward to the 6 weeks off before Squiggly enters this world.

Any suggestions on what I can do with my time once I finish up?

I do have a list of projects I am hoping to do while I am off and also a few friends I would love to catch up with, but suggestions are welcome.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

chicken noodle soup and lemon grass

On Monday night I decided to try a 'new' recipe which was 'Chicken Noodle Soup'.

I always wonder when making a new recipe how it's going to turn out, I have done it a few times in the past few months and ended up really disappointed with the results and then wished I had just cooked something that I knew tasted good. Especially when you have taken so much time in making it!

But this Monday was an exception. I gave this new recipe a go and it was a hit. It only took about 25 minutes to cook but it took a while to slice and chop all the ingredients to go in the dish. I even used a new ingredient that I had never used before 'lemon grass'.

SP really enjoyed it and as he has a bit of a head cold at the moment it was the perfect dish for him to have.

Tonight would be a good night to make it as it is a chilly Spring day! But I think I will leave it and cook it again in the next few weeks.

I find it hard after working all day and particularly now being pregnant to use my energy shopping for new ingredients and trying new meals. I just want to get in and out of the supermarket as fast I can.

One thing I am really looking forward to when I finish work in 5.5 days is getting the recipe books out and trying some new dishes! Bring it on!

what star sign are you?


(rant begins)

I have been amazed by how many people once they have asked me when our baby is due have then gone on to say 'Oh so you are having a Sagittarius' (I had to look that up as I forgot which star sign a December baby is).

I find it so hard to believe that people think there are only 12 types of people in the world, all of which will be experiencing the same thing that they read in the papers, actually I imagine that all the papers will probably say something different about each sign sign for each day so how can you even know. I guess people read into it what they want too.

I was watching Criss Angel do some tricks on the TV the other day, he got about 10-12 people to do Tarot cards with him. He had them each come in individually and shuffle the cards then he got them to close their eyes, that's when he switched the cards for a 'fake' pack. When they opened their eyes he picked the card on top that had a bunch of writing on with text which was made up and written by someone on his team. He proceeded to read the same card out to each person separately. Some of them were so overwhelmed and in tears at what he said, even though what he said wasn't specific to any of them. All of them believed that what he said was true to them.

Each person was interviewed after the 'trick' and each of them couldn't believe that he knew what he knew and how spot on he was.

He confessed to them at the end what he had done - to show them that people totally get tricked into these types of things and how we can read into things what we will.

I think it's all a load of old crock myself. Only God has the power to determine what will happen in our lives and he doesn't do this on a daily basis he decided before the beginning of time.

(rant ends)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

born at 21 weeks and 6 days

In 2006 a baby was born at 21 weeks and 6 days in Florida.

This is the first baby to be born before 23 weeks gestation, click here to read the story.

It's amazing that doctors don't consider a pregnancy 'viable' until 24 weeks. I know this case is probably an exception but it just goes to show me that life begins at conception, not when the docs say 'now the pregnancy is viable'.

Just as a side note - people can have an abortion up until 24 weeks - just when the pregnancy is declared 'viable'. Hmmmm!

What an amazing story and look how little her feet are - what a miracle! Perfectly designed by our maker!

This is the little girl now - looks like she is getting chubby at one year old!


This Saturday and the following Saturday SP and I will probably be in the following states:


No we are not going on any roller coaster rides at Dreamworld - come on people I am pregnant. We are going to our antenatal classes which in and of itself maybe a bit of a roller coaster ride!

Luckily our friends D and L who are also expecting a little one two weeks after us are also coming so that should make is fun and hysterical!

I hear there are videos. That should be interesting!

I have actually been at two births - my 'much younger than me' half sister and a friend of my Mum's who called Mum up when she went into labour asking her to come and I didn't want to stay home alone in the middle of the night so I went too.

Watching the births was so amazing, I remember the first time just crying at how awesome and special it was.

I have a feeling it is going to be a little different being the other end for the birth. I am sure those emotions will come but you have to get through the pain and agony of getting the baby out first!

I am feeling rather calm and collected about it all at the moment, this might change once I have been on these classes. All I know is that this little one has to come out one way or another, neither way is particularly attractive but they do HAVE to come out.

I think God was very clever - before I was pregnant the thought of having a baby freaked me out, but now as I get bigger and more uncomfortable it's up on my top ten list of things to do.

1. Have baby so can get my body back and not feel as uncomfortable anymore!*

I can't wait to meet this little one God has so blessed us with - I hope the next 8 weeks doesn't go by too slowly.

*of course first and foremost we want Squiggly to stay in and cook as much as possible before coming out - so 8 weeks is the aim, but at 8 weeks I will be ready with bells on!

Friday, October 17, 2008

right way up

I had another ob appointment this morning and all is looking well.

I was convinced Squiggly was still in breech position but apparently I was wrong.

Do I look like an obstetrician people?????

The REAL ob had felt around and was convinced the baby was head down and he was right! Phew, don't wanna be paying all that money for some cowboy to deliver our baby who can't even tell what way up the baby is.

We got another ultrasound too - the OB likes to have a look each time we go. You don't get to see much now as Squiggly is so big. I saw the top of a head, spine and heart beat. That was good enough!

I am almost 32 weeks - only 8 weeks to go! I hope it doesn't drag!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

nixter thinks.... should all 'Yearbook Yourself'. Click here to do it, you know you want too! Enjoy!






Tuesday, October 14, 2008

pics of picnic with tracy and dennis

I have finally got around to getting some pics off my camera. Here are some of the picnic from Tracy and Denis' visit. How cute is little 'E'?

sore back = not happy

Since I have gotten a lot bigger I have been struggling with back ache. After morning sickness this has been the thing that has bothered me the most. I go some days where it's totally fine and I have no problems and then I have other days where it is just miserable.

The last few days have been miserable - I haven't been able to get comfy and sitting at my desk really doesn't help. I try to get up and walk around but not long after I sit back down it's sore again.

SP gave my back a rub last night which was nice, I put a heat pack on and also tried some of my pre-natal yoga poses but it was still really sore. Thankfully I managed to get a good night sleep.

I think I might need to book myself in for another pregnancy massage!

Monday, October 13, 2008

nixter is......

trying to kick her 'one muffin a day' habit.

Any suggestions for a healthy alternative that will fill me up as I am starving!

apples and oranges just don't seem to fill me up!

I think I am having muffin withdrawals!

mac support - help please!

I know this is a weird question but who knows how to add 'accents' to letters on a Mac?

I have some Spanish names I am typing and need to add accents but I don't know how you do it?

Any ideas - anyone? HELP!

Friday, October 10, 2008

heroes 2

Can you say A.D.D.I.C.T.E.D?

SP and I just started watching the second series of Heroes on DVD, we saw most of it on TV earlier this year but for some reason silly Channel 7 stopped it before they had played all the episodes. SO ANNOYING! Why do they do that?

I brought the second series of Heroes for SP for his birthday and we are trying to get through them so we can get stuck into Series 3 which just started on last night. I taped the first episode so we can watch it in sequence!

Do you rate Heroes?

nixter is.....

......looking forward to her baby shower tomorrow ;)

She is particularly looking forward to catching up with friends who she doesn't get to see as much anymore but still loves heaps and heaps!

See you there!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

talking of toilets

Check this toilet out, the pic on the left is what the toilet looks to people on the 'outside', the pic on the right is what you can see from the 'inside'. So when you are in there no-one can see you but you can see them. Strange. I don't think I could actually go if all those people were around, even if I knew they couldn't see me!

I am not going to write anymore on toilets now ;) The End!


Why is it that in most shopping centres the ladies toilet are nearly always further away than the mens?

I haven't noticed it before but maybe since I have been pregnant and need the toilet more I have become more aware!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

my 2nd trimester

As I wrote here about my first 3 months, I thought it was only appropriate to write about my 2nd trimester (weeks 14-27 apparently), according to my calculations I just split the 9 months into 3 but it doesn't work like that as you still have some weeks left over ;)

So last week I entered my 3rd trimester (28-40 weeks). The last leg of the pregnancy race.. Not that I am racing anywhere at the moment - think more waddling!

My 2nd trimester has been a lot nicer that my 1st:

No nausea - hooray!

My relationship with food is back on the straight and narrow - horray! Although coffee is still not as appealing as it used to be - but I do have myself a decaf hazelnut latte now and again.

Baby brain - I also seemed to have a little reprieve from baby brain - although you may want to check that with my husband, family and friends as I could seriously be deluding myself about that one. But honestly it didn't feel quite as bad at times.

Junk food - the junk food obsession calmed down too.

Chocolate - don't worry ladies my love of chocolate has come back with avengence - I am eating even more than I was before pregnancy. Snickers anyone?

My body - my body still feels as if it has been hijacked and taken over - I am still a walking host organ.

So what's been new in this trimester....

Feeling baby move - this is a pretty special one and one that has evolved during this whole trimester. I first felt the baby move around 17-18 weeks like little flutters. SP felt the baby kick for the first time at 20 weeks when we were on our Babymoon, this time it was quite a strong kick. That was a pretty exciting time. Since then the movements have gotten a lot stronger, I get kicked all over the place, the ones in the bladder and ribs aren't so pleasant. Apparently this will slow down from now on as the baby gets even bigger. I can even see my belly move when the baby moves - think Aliens!

The BIG scan - at 19 weeks we had our big scan to check how everything with the little one was growing and all looked good and well. Praise God. We even found out if we were having a little boy or little girl ;)

Hello belly - from about 21-27 weeks I popped BIG TIME. I more than doubled the weight I had put on in the first 21 weeks in just 6 weeks. I was impressed! My belly is now sticking out and proud.

Back ache - because of the above point I have had a pretty sore back, this has probably been one of the harder things for me during this trimester. I went for a pregnancy massage last week which was lovely and have encouraged my hubby to give me a wee massage in the evenings which has helped.

Sleeping - say what? No really I have been able to sleep but it certainly isn't as comfortable as it used to be and I wake up a fair bit. I almost need a forklift truck to turn me over during the night*. Plus I am normally a 'on my belly' sleeper, I think if I lay on my belly now I would be almost touching the ceiling*! It's worth investing in one of those super long maternity pillows. *slight exaggeration.

Return of the baby brain - this has also come back with avengence. I walked out into the middle of the road the other day when it wasn't even a green man, thankfully I saw the car and quickly got back on the pavement. Poor Tracy and Denis were with me and looked on in amazement and shock! WARNING: pregnancy can be dangerous to your health!

Glowing - I thought this would never happen as I felt so awful at the beginning but I have had some lovely comments from people saying that I look like I am 'glowing' and that I look well.

Sore ribs - because my bump is quite high I get really sore ribs, they almost feel bruised - I don't imagine that's going to be getting much better until baby starts to drop a little.

I think my expectation of pregnancy and the reality of pregnancy were quite different, it's been harder than I thought but I wouldn't change it for the world, to have a little life growing in you and feeling them move is priceless. The 2nd trimester has certainly been a lot better. So be encouraged ladies that if you have a rough time at the beginning it does eventually get better.