Friday, October 31, 2008

almost an expert ;)

Last week SP and I went to the first of two antenatal days.

This past Saturday was on Childbirth and included info on the hospital, labour, pain relief and the actual birth plus what happens while you are in hospital for 4 days and 4 nights.

We listed all the questions that we wanted answered over the course of the day.

It was helpful and daunting - it made me think through some things I hadn't even considered, particularly about labour, what to do during labour and pain relief. We also got to see some videos - nice! It certainly doesn't look like a picnic but when I look down at my belly I think "Well you have to come out one way or another, neither is particularly appealing but let's suck it up and get it on".

I am at the stage where everything is getting a little harder, I am quite big now (one lady at Myer asked me yesterday when I was due and said 'I don't think you will go that long!' Gee thanks lady! Are you saying my bump looks big in this?) And I am also desperate to meet the little one inside me who wiggles so so so much!

Tomorrow is our final class before I become an 'expert' ;) Joking I am far far from being an expert! This day is spent looking at parenting, I have read one book called 'Babywise' on parenting and routines etc but that is the only book other than the 'Up The Duff' book I have read.

So it should be another fascinating day of learning more about parenthood. I am excited but scared about the whole thing - not the class but the actually having a baby. I love kids and have been told I am good with them but actually having your own is a whole different ball game that I am just trying to get my head around.

Despite the fears and apprehension - I can't wait! Just over 6 weeks to go!

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Tracy said...

:o) Love you, Nixter! Keep trusting God for whatever comes.