Friday, October 17, 2008

right way up

I had another ob appointment this morning and all is looking well.

I was convinced Squiggly was still in breech position but apparently I was wrong.

Do I look like an obstetrician people?????

The REAL ob had felt around and was convinced the baby was head down and he was right! Phew, don't wanna be paying all that money for some cowboy to deliver our baby who can't even tell what way up the baby is.

We got another ultrasound too - the OB likes to have a look each time we go. You don't get to see much now as Squiggly is so big. I saw the top of a head, spine and heart beat. That was good enough!

I am almost 32 weeks - only 8 weeks to go! I hope it doesn't drag!


Aimee said...

Yay - that's great news! Hope squiggly stops moving around so much now. I wonder if your backs been sore because bub was turning around??

Nixter said...

Hey Aimee, it could be. I went to the Physio yesterday and he said it's all tight and has lots of knots. He strapped it up and I go back next week so he can work on it some more.

He thinks sitting at the computer is the culprit! Plus probably all this extra weight. Only 8 more days of work to go - woo hoot!

Ben McLaughlin said...

that's great:) Praying for you guys as you go into the home stretch..

Nixter said...

Thanks so much Ben :)