Wednesday, October 22, 2008

what star sign are you?


(rant begins)

I have been amazed by how many people once they have asked me when our baby is due have then gone on to say 'Oh so you are having a Sagittarius' (I had to look that up as I forgot which star sign a December baby is).

I find it so hard to believe that people think there are only 12 types of people in the world, all of which will be experiencing the same thing that they read in the papers, actually I imagine that all the papers will probably say something different about each sign sign for each day so how can you even know. I guess people read into it what they want too.

I was watching Criss Angel do some tricks on the TV the other day, he got about 10-12 people to do Tarot cards with him. He had them each come in individually and shuffle the cards then he got them to close their eyes, that's when he switched the cards for a 'fake' pack. When they opened their eyes he picked the card on top that had a bunch of writing on with text which was made up and written by someone on his team. He proceeded to read the same card out to each person separately. Some of them were so overwhelmed and in tears at what he said, even though what he said wasn't specific to any of them. All of them believed that what he said was true to them.

Each person was interviewed after the 'trick' and each of them couldn't believe that he knew what he knew and how spot on he was.

He confessed to them at the end what he had done - to show them that people totally get tricked into these types of things and how we can read into things what we will.

I think it's all a load of old crock myself. Only God has the power to determine what will happen in our lives and he doesn't do this on a daily basis he decided before the beginning of time.

(rant ends)


Alison said...

Man, I so agree with you! Star signs are silly.

Ben McLaughlin said...

hear hear!

kristina said...

I think star signs are random. People are looking for something to believe in. I am a "Leo" -pretty much every description I have read is the complete opposite of my personality.

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