Tuesday, October 14, 2008

sore back = not happy

Since I have gotten a lot bigger I have been struggling with back ache. After morning sickness this has been the thing that has bothered me the most. I go some days where it's totally fine and I have no problems and then I have other days where it is just miserable.

The last few days have been miserable - I haven't been able to get comfy and sitting at my desk really doesn't help. I try to get up and walk around but not long after I sit back down it's sore again.

SP gave my back a rub last night which was nice, I put a heat pack on and also tried some of my pre-natal yoga poses but it was still really sore. Thankfully I managed to get a good night sleep.

I think I might need to book myself in for another pregnancy massage!


Tracy said...

Poor Nixter. It's got to be so much strain on your lower back. (Is it your lower back?) Do you have your work chair at the right height so that your feet touch the floor and your knees are level with your hips? Try pressing your lower back backwards into the back of the chair. alternating walking and sitting is also really good.

Nixter said...

It's actually in the middle of my back between my 'chicken' bones. I have had probs with that in the past but now it's just worse because of the extra weight and big bump I have!

Thanks for the top tips will try them out!