Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2 more days to go!

I can hardly believe that I only have 2 more days of work until I finish!

I am totally ready as this traveling in on the bus thing is getting a bit old, especially when it's really hot, you have a very large bump and there is NO air conditioning = not fun! Plus I am starting to find everything that bit harder now so I am a lot slower and get tired a little easier, although the tired thing hasn't really been too much of a problem for me which has been good!

At the same time it is a really strange feeling that my 'working' life is coming to an end for a while. Don't get me wrong I am not sad about leaving I am actually relieved and feel ready to leave. I am so looking forward to being a Mummy even though it is all very unknown. we are preparing for a baby but don't yet have the baby in our hands to care for. It's wondering what life will be like and knowing that I am only going to be able to answer that question when Squiggly arrives.

I can't wait to meet Baby Powell, to see what they look like, who they look like - will they have my ears or SP's ears? will they have red hair or blonde hair?

Seven weeks seems like a very long time to wait to meet this little one but I am going to look forward to the 6 weeks off before Squiggly enters this world.

Any suggestions on what I can do with my time once I finish up?

I do have a list of projects I am hoping to do while I am off and also a few friends I would love to catch up with, but suggestions are welcome.


Lara said...


Aimee said...

1. Rest!!

2. Pray!!

Beyond that...

3. Make or buy as many frozen meals as you can fit in your freezer.

4. Buy any bulky items that will be difficult to carry with a baby (eg. toilet paper, washing powder etc)

5. If you are having any guests staying, set up the spare room so it is ready.

6. If you like having a neat house, then get as much tidying/cleaning done as possible, so you only have to worry about maintenance for the next few months.

7. Think about how you will keep your spiritual walk going while you have a newborn (eg. find some very easy reading books that will encourage you, download some talks to listen to while nursing, have some Christian CDs in your ipod to listen to, learn some Christian songs by heart to sing to your baby).

8. Come and hang out with me and do some sewing :)

Ruth said...

Rest, delight in the LORD, pray....oh - Aimee took everything I wanted to say already!!!

(except, don't come and sew with me - nothing but disappointment there!!)

Would love to have 'coffee' (aka lunch + hot chocolate) with you one day, if you're up for a trip to coogee...or Leichhardt?...and two kids coming along!