Tuesday, September 30, 2008

how the credit crunch could affect britain!

Will one be wanting fries with that?

looking for a new church

We would really appreciate your prayers, we have been going to a new church now for almost a year but haven't really settled there.

In the past few weeks and months we have been praying, thinking, talking and seeking council on what to do.

It's not been an easy decision but we have decided to look for another church.

It's also not an easy time what with a baby on the way. We have been to a couple of churches so far in the last few weeks and are encouraged that Sydney has a lot of great bible teaching churches.

Please pray for us as we look around, pray that God might show us where he wants us.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

6 months, 27 weeks, 189 days OR 4536 hours today!

Yep that's how long I have been pregnant for! Only another 3 months, 13 weeks, 91 days and 2184 hours to go!

Had my first OB appointment today in 6 weeks today and everything is A OK! I have put on a whopping 9kgs (19lbs) so an additional 5kgs in 6 weeks - YIKES. No really the OB said that it is all good, my bloods and glucose test all came back very healthy and normal with no diabetes, my belly measures ok and the baby looks great - he did a quick ultrasound and I got to see part of babies head, babies spine and babies heartbeat but I was in a funny position so couldn't see much, plus Squiggly is so much bigger now that you only see bits and bobs on the screen.

I got to meet my new OB who is covering for my regular OB, the lady who I was seeing up until now had to go and have a baby (how inconvenient really ;), this is the guy who will actually deliver Squiggly and then sometime after baby is born I should go back to seeing Ann the other OB. SP couldn't come today as he had a meeting so the OB said next time we go we can have a good look at the baby on the ultrasound which will be fun!

I now have to start going for an ob appointment every 2 weeks ;)

Thanks to those of you who are continually praying for us! You Rock!

Monday, September 15, 2008

if this doesn't crack you up - I don't know what will!

I have just started reading this blog and I saw this video there - I couldn't resist.

It is hysterical! Check out the guys on the keyboards!

a very proud wife (who may also do a little bragging!)

(bragging begins)

On Friday night we went to an 'Engineers Australia' awards night (riveting stuff ;) as SP was nominated for 'Young Professional Engineer of the Year' award (NSW)! It was the last award of the evening and as they began to announce it my little heart started pumping for my husband - who might I add is very humble and non-assuming and not dazed by these kinds of things, he wouldn't have cared too much either way.

So they announce the winner: And the winner is.... dom dom dom...... SP.

I was like so proud of my husband! . He collected his award, did a little speech and now we have to go to another 'national' awards evening in November in Canberra (about 3 weeks before Squiggly is due - hope I don't get too excited and have the baby there and then) where he will be in the running to win the Australia wide award for 'Young Professional Engineer of the Year'!

We have another dinner to go to on Friday night for the 'not so young' engineers of Australia awards where he will have to give a 30 second speech - please pray for him ;)

Lots of people came up to him after wards and his work colleagues have been calling and emailing him to congratulate him. The thing I love is that he is so 'whatever' about it - I mean he realises it is an honour to be awarded with this award in his industry, but he just loves what he does and so that's what really matters to him.

This means I have to do the bragging for him because he won't! I am very proud of my very clever husband!

(end of bragging)

Monday, September 08, 2008

toupee or not toupee?

that is the question!

I am just wondering how some people who wear toupees really don't realise that it actually looks like they are wearing a toupee!

I just wonder if it is better to wear your baldness with pride? Can being bald really be worse than a bad looking toupee?

(just to clarify I am all good with toupees that look good and not at all like you are wearing one - I am talking about the ones that clearly look like toupees ;)

random facts meme

So I've been tagged by Soph and Bonnie to tell you all 6 random facts about me.

1) When I was little I was an only child and I was quite bossy. I used to make all my friends sit and watch/listen to me singing into a hair brush to various 'cassettes' I had made of my favourite music.

2) I was pretty much bold and gummy until I was 13 months old! The little hair I did have was bright orange!

3) Sometimes when I walk I count the number of steps between cracks or lines in the pavements! Yes I know that is a little odd! These are random facts people!

4) I used to have physical fights with the boys who grew up on my street - one time I won! Yes I was a tom-boy!

5) I used to watch WWF (not the nature thing but the 'World Wresting Federation' how it used to be known!) with my Nan. We loved it!

6) I pee a lot! No it's not just because I am pregnant! I used to pee a lot before I was pregnant I just pee more now that I am! OK is that too much information?


1. Link to the person who ‘tagged’ you!
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I think the people I would have tagged have already done it!