Tuesday, September 16, 2008

6 months, 27 weeks, 189 days OR 4536 hours today!

Yep that's how long I have been pregnant for! Only another 3 months, 13 weeks, 91 days and 2184 hours to go!

Had my first OB appointment today in 6 weeks today and everything is A OK! I have put on a whopping 9kgs (19lbs) so an additional 5kgs in 6 weeks - YIKES. No really the OB said that it is all good, my bloods and glucose test all came back very healthy and normal with no diabetes, my belly measures ok and the baby looks great - he did a quick ultrasound and I got to see part of babies head, babies spine and babies heartbeat but I was in a funny position so couldn't see much, plus Squiggly is so much bigger now that you only see bits and bobs on the screen.

I got to meet my new OB who is covering for my regular OB, the lady who I was seeing up until now had to go and have a baby (how inconvenient really ;), this is the guy who will actually deliver Squiggly and then sometime after baby is born I should go back to seeing Ann the other OB. SP couldn't come today as he had a meeting so the OB said next time we go we can have a good look at the baby on the ultrasound which will be fun!

I now have to start going for an ob appointment every 2 weeks ;)

Thanks to those of you who are continually praying for us! You Rock!


RodeoClown said...

I think you mean "6 months, 27 weeks, 189 days OR 4536 hours today!"

(Otherwise you've been pregnant for approximately 2 years...)

Nixter said...

can I plead 'pregnancy brain' even though I would have probably have done the same thing if not pregnant?

Ruth said...

Lol Rodeo and Nixter!!

Nix, can't wait to meet Squiggly - congrats on the good baby growing work you're doing! :-)