Monday, September 08, 2008

random facts meme

So I've been tagged by Soph and Bonnie to tell you all 6 random facts about me.

1) When I was little I was an only child and I was quite bossy. I used to make all my friends sit and watch/listen to me singing into a hair brush to various 'cassettes' I had made of my favourite music.

2) I was pretty much bold and gummy until I was 13 months old! The little hair I did have was bright orange!

3) Sometimes when I walk I count the number of steps between cracks or lines in the pavements! Yes I know that is a little odd! These are random facts people!

4) I used to have physical fights with the boys who grew up on my street - one time I won! Yes I was a tom-boy!

5) I used to watch WWF (not the nature thing but the 'World Wresting Federation' how it used to be known!) with my Nan. We loved it!

6) I pee a lot! No it's not just because I am pregnant! I used to pee a lot before I was pregnant I just pee more now that I am! OK is that too much information?


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I think the people I would have tagged have already done it!

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Guthers said...

3) me too!
6) a little