Thursday, March 29, 2007


Do you know how I make this me new profile picture?

mr and mrs roach

We have had some new room mates move into our unit - uninvited tenants I might add. Mr and Mrs Roach, Cock-Roach and their family moved into our toaster. Ewwwwwwwww.

I have seen a few more cockroaches than usual around the house and I absolutely hate them with a passion - we don't have them in England thank-goodness but we have them in abundance here in Australia. In our old unit we had way more and since we have been living into our new place we have been relatively 'cockroach free'. I am a massive bleach freak so that helps keep them away BUT lately we have noticed a rise in the number of cockroaches we have been seeing. I brought some little poison traps but not sure they have been working. So today on my first Thursday off I was cleaning and bleaching and I lifted up the toaster (yes I bleach the toaster, I am a bleach freak) I turned it upside down as I saw one, to see a whole family living in our toaster. I couldn't believe it I immediately got out the spray to kill the little bugs - yes I even sprayed the kids. THEY BREED! I spent the next half an hour waiting for them to come out and killed them. HA HA HA HA HA!

I don't know what it is with me and bugs but I really don't like them. I have given Mr and Mrs Roach an eviction notice - they are moving out. I am going to get SP to dismantle our lovely stainless steel toaster tonight to ensure that the remains of any cockroaches can be removed.

I was going to post up a picture of a cockroach but they are too creepy and disgusting that I couldn't do it.

thursday's just got better

Thursday's are pretty good days anyway, you are one step closer to the weekend, it's Adventure Club day, it's chill out night and NOW I am off on Thursday's. So right now I am at home and not at work - WOO HOOT!

SP and I talked and decided that I would go down to a 4 day week, the plan is for me to be able to do some of the things around the house that I normally do on weekends, freeing the weekends up a bit more for us to hang out. SP has been working longer hours too so it means he doesn't have to worry about helping do the house work/washing on the weekends.

I am so excited about this decision we have made, I got a little bit of a sleep in, had my brekkie and am just having a cuppa then I am going to get into it - cleaning, washing, getting some things ready for Adventure Club. I am sure I am going to be keeping busy but there will be some great things I can get up to on Thursday's. Looking after our little family so weekends aren't as busy, catching up with friends, preparing for Adventure Club and also some God time - I have been wanting to write down some verses to memorise and I just saw my little box with some of them in - so have decided next week I am going to do that.

I am thankful that we are able for me to have Thursday's off, I am thankful that I can serve our family by getting things done and I am thankful at the opportunities I might now have on Thursdays which I didn't have when I worked. I pray that I would use this time wisely ;)

Thursday = new fun day!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ode to mozzies

I don't love you, but you love me;
Why O Why can't you just let me be.

A little bite here,
A little bite there,
Before I know it they're everywhere.

I can hear when you're coming, late in the night,
But it is so difficult to see you in my sight.

Buzz Buzz by my ear, it drives me mad,
and when you bite me it makes me sad.

I jump up from my slumber, I'm going to catch you,
Before I go to sleep - I will see you are through!

My bites grow big, swollen and red,
I have to rub cream in before I go to bed.

I use lots of Rid to keep you away,
you won't be biting me again today!

Come near me and I'll kill you if I can,
It's all part of my major plan.

To kill all the mozzies in the whole world
Leave me in peace - and don't bite me ANYMORE.

by Nixter

I got bit 6 times last night while out to dinner with the lovely Ruth, thanks lovely Ruth - it was a pleasure as always ;)

Friday, March 23, 2007

lauren meets pm

This is a bonus fun video day.

This character Lauren is always saying 'Am I bovered', so you will have to watch some of her other skits to maybe appreciate this one - but I lovvvvvvvvvve it!

cat, i'm a kitty cat

Happy Birthday Tracy

Hope you like the Birthday Blake Tracy!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

good-bye mrs s

Today was the funeral of the lovely Mrs S, so last night (which was Wednesday in Oz) SP and I went out for dinner then we took two white roses down to the beach, climbed up some rocks so we could spend some time saying good-bye. SP prayed then we threw the roses into the ocean and said good-bye. I cried a lot but it was a great thing to be able to do to say our own good-byes in our own way. It still saddens to me know that I will never she her again but I have many great memories to cherish. As I couldn't be there I wrote a little something - just and sweet, to be read out at the funeral. Here it is:

"I first of all want to say that words cannot describe how sad I am to not be there to say my good-byes to Mrs S today, I will in my own way be doing that all the way over in Australia.

When I think of Mrs S many things come to mind; Mary-Ann, Guinness, the never forgotten birthday card and Christmas card, generosity, Christmas dinners, mis-hearing things said at the table, stories of weekends away and my third ‘adopted’ Nan.

I am so thankful that I got to see Mrs S this Christmas when I was home, that she got to meet Scott and that she also got to join us on a family lunch. I will miss seeing her again, I will miss making more funny stories to tell and remember BUT, I have so many memories, memories that death cannot take away, memories that I can take with me wherever I go.

To Mary and Kevin, I adore you both so much and I am sorry I am not there with you at this time. Know that Scott and I have been thinking and praying for you. We wish we were not as far away. I know that Mrs S was so blessed to have a daughter and son-in-law just like you, I am sure she was so proud and honoured to have you in her life. We love you both and our thoughts are with you on this day".

The day went well from what I have heard, as well as funerals can go. I spoke to my family this morning to hear all about it. It's good to know that now they can move forward, especially my Aunt as it is so hard when you have a funeral looming.

Thanks for all your prayers, they were much appreciated.

Monday, March 19, 2007

this weekend

This weekend was pretty nice, SP and I had some time together and then on Sunday we went to see our friends who had the twins last Friday. It was a two hour drive but so worth it, I got to hold and cuddle the little ones plus I got to feed and burp one too - how nice ;) SP also got to do that, they were the smallest babies he had ever held - he was a bit nervous but did a good job.

I decided that I am not going home for the funeral which is this Wednesday, I have had mixed feelings about it each day but we decided that I wouldn't. I feel quite sad about this as I actually do want to be there to say goodbye but instead I am going to write something to be read out at the funeral and SP and I are going to do something on Wednesday to say our own good-byes.

Church last night was awesome SamR preached an amazing sermon on Romans 14, about 'disputable matters' and not causing our 'weaker brother to stumble' - it was very challenging and I will write up some more thoughts later or tomorrow once I have had more time to reflect.

I have included a pic of SP and Max - too too cute.

Monday, March 12, 2007

strange weekend

This weekend has certainly been different to what I expected, it was fun hanging out with family and friends but the beginning and end was marred with tragedy and sadness. Firstly we found out that my sister-in-law's boss (1 of the 5 Australians) was killed in the recent plane crash in Indonesia, then when we arrived in Canberra we found out SP's Grandma has suffered a mild heart attack. We managed to continue having a good relaxing time - we spoke to SP's grandma in the hospital over the phone and she was doing well. We played tennis, ate exceedingly well and had a fun time.

We arrived home last night, had dinner with our friends who had come to Canberra with us and then as we got into the car to head home I received a phone call from my Mum. I was telling her about the weekend and then she said those words you dread to hear, especially when you live on the other side of the world, "I have some bad news". I immediately burst in to tears and knew that it was my Aunties Mum (who I had asked for prayers about last week), she was still in the hospital and her little body was not recovering very quickly. They put her on a breathing machine but turned it of, she passed away this weekend after developing a chest infection and then kidney failure - there was nothing they could do. It's been an interesting weekend, death so much at the front of my mind as I saw my sister-in-law grieve her boss and as I hear another friend talk how she also knows someone who lost a relative in the same plane crash this week. Then to arrive home to a phone call and to hear someone you loved is no longer here. I cried so hard and barely slept last night, the feeling of being so far away from family, from people who knew Mrs S is so so so hard and makes the grief even more intense.

Mrs S was like another Nan to me, she spent many Christmas' with us and had no other family but her daughter and son-in-law, so we chose her to be part of our family. She always remembered my birthday, sent me cards for Christmas, and always asked my Auntie about me - she really cared and took an interest in what I was doing. There are many fun memories we have of trips and Christmas lunches with Mrs S - she will be sadly missed but I will still giggle at seeing this little lady - with her little bottle of Guinness at the Christmas table, mis-hearing what everyone was saying - she didn't have the best hearing in the world, I will miss her calling me 'pet' and getting my birthday and Christmas cards in the mail.

I am so glad that I got to see her on a few occasions when I was home this Christmas, one last Christmas drink together, a Guinness of course and an opportunity for SP to meet her. Then a family lunch before I came back to Australia.

You will be missed Mrs S!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Cockney Quiz

Do you know your rhyming slang from your Queen's English? Take this quiz and discover if you belong in the East End or Buckingham Palace*.

Q1) What is a "Lady Godiva"?

a. Saliva
b. Chocolate
c. A fiver

Q2) What is "Moby Dick" slang for?

a. Flick
b. Trick
c. Sick

Q3) What is a "syrup of figs"?

a. A wig
b. A jig
c. A gig

Q4) What is "two and eight" slang for?

a. A state (anguish)
b. A plate
c. A fete

Q5) What is an "oily rag"?

a. A fag (cigarette)
b. A bag
c. A mag (magazine)

Q6) What are "Lionel Blairs"?

a. Hairs
b. Flares (trousers)
c. Stairs

Q7) What is a "China plate"?

a. A date
b. A crate
c. A mate

Q8) What is a "boat race"?

a. A face
b. A case
c. A chase

Q9) What is a "Ruby Murray"?

a. A worry
b. A hurry
c. A curry

Q10) What is a "whistle and flute"?

a. A suit
b. Cute
c. Loot

*no cheating on the internet place - let's see how good you really are ;)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Funny Friday - Bush and Blair Play the Weakest Link

Because of popular demand, OK Dave asked. Here is my new regular 'Funny Friday' video. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

now you see it, now you don't, now you see it

Thought you might like this encouraging story of how God answers prayer:

One day while working on Oxford Street in London I was walking to the store and when I got to work I discovered that my wallet had been stolen out of my bag - Grrrrrrrr. I was more annoyed at losing all my receipts, drivers licence etc - I mean canceling your cards and being robbed is annoying but I had receipts etc that I needed and a receipt for my new passport that I had ordered (which had my address on). So I prayed to God that I might get my wallet back, at least all my bits and bobs that I needed because they were important to me.

So five or so days later I received a package in the mail - lo and behold it was my wallet. The receipt for my new passport which had my address on it came in handy as it meant I someone knew where I lived to send my wallet back. I couldn't believe it. I mean this is so rare being London for one and also the amount of people who pick pocket etc and then throw the evidence away is huge - absolutely unbelievable, it was against all odds that I received my wallet back. I jumped around my house and told my non-Christian housemates all about it - at this point I think they thought I was crazy BUT I bet they must of also thought 'WOW' too.

Anyhoo, stay with me folks, a couple of weeks ago one of the girls that works in my office told me that her friend had had her wallet stolen. So I told her my story about how I had my wallet stolen and how I had prayed that I might get it back and how my wallet got delivered to me (minus money!) but with everything else. She called her friend to tell her my story and then the other day she came into the office and told me her friend had received her wallet back in the mail!! Praise God for that! She is now going to use this answered prayer as an opportunity to share what God has done for her!

I just wanted to show you how powerful God is and how he does listen to prayer, I need to remind myself of this truth and also wanted to remind my lovely friends who have asked for prayer for various issues. Our God hears us, he delights in the fact we talk to him and he WILL answer our prayers - it might not always be in ways which we would like but he does answer. May God answer all our prayers in ways which will bring him glory.

life and prayer

Happy Thursday.

Just thought I would update you on some of the goings on in the world of Nixie:

- I have started reading the Harry Potter books again so I can get up to speed for when the new book comes out, it's been a while since I last read them and I have forgotten some of it. I find myself doing the voice of Hagrid (in my head - people on the bus would think me rather odd if I did out loud) each time he says something in the book. I myself being from Worcester where the 'farmer' accent is alive and kicking - I have never really had that accent but it has been known to make an appearance every now and again! Shhhh don't tell anybody!

- Prayers for my Aunties Mum would be appreciated. She is very sick in hospital, she has been having problems with her bowel and has actually just undergone surgery to have a colostomy bag put in. My Aunty had to get the police to break into her house as she couldn't get in as her Mum was too sick to answer the door, this was very traumatic for my poor Aunt. She is now in intensive care at the moment, they are not sure of what kind of a recovery she will make yet, she is 86 but still very active and independent. I spoke to my Aunty today, it makes me sad to be so far away from home and family during times like these. Mrs S (that's what we call her) has always been like a 3rd Nan to me - always there, always asking how I am. Please pray not just for a physical healing but for a more important spiritual healing.

- I am starting to feel better and came back to work yesterday, praise God and thanks for your prayers. I am still coughing, snotty (sorry) and not sleeping terribly well but I am feeling much better. Pray that SP and I might get to feeling 100% better soon, I am missing the gym!

- Adventure Club is on today - I love the little kiddies there and I missed them last week as I was sick. Looking forward to seeing their beautiful little faces and teaching them about our great God.

I must get to work now - just wanted to say I really appreciate the prayers of my lovely Xanga friends, thankyou!