Thursday, March 01, 2007

now you see it, now you don't, now you see it

Thought you might like this encouraging story of how God answers prayer:

One day while working on Oxford Street in London I was walking to the store and when I got to work I discovered that my wallet had been stolen out of my bag - Grrrrrrrr. I was more annoyed at losing all my receipts, drivers licence etc - I mean canceling your cards and being robbed is annoying but I had receipts etc that I needed and a receipt for my new passport that I had ordered (which had my address on). So I prayed to God that I might get my wallet back, at least all my bits and bobs that I needed because they were important to me.

So five or so days later I received a package in the mail - lo and behold it was my wallet. The receipt for my new passport which had my address on it came in handy as it meant I someone knew where I lived to send my wallet back. I couldn't believe it. I mean this is so rare being London for one and also the amount of people who pick pocket etc and then throw the evidence away is huge - absolutely unbelievable, it was against all odds that I received my wallet back. I jumped around my house and told my non-Christian housemates all about it - at this point I think they thought I was crazy BUT I bet they must of also thought 'WOW' too.

Anyhoo, stay with me folks, a couple of weeks ago one of the girls that works in my office told me that her friend had had her wallet stolen. So I told her my story about how I had my wallet stolen and how I had prayed that I might get it back and how my wallet got delivered to me (minus money!) but with everything else. She called her friend to tell her my story and then the other day she came into the office and told me her friend had received her wallet back in the mail!! Praise God for that! She is now going to use this answered prayer as an opportunity to share what God has done for her!

I just wanted to show you how powerful God is and how he does listen to prayer, I need to remind myself of this truth and also wanted to remind my lovely friends who have asked for prayer for various issues. Our God hears us, he delights in the fact we talk to him and he WILL answer our prayers - it might not always be in ways which we would like but he does answer. May God answer all our prayers in ways which will bring him glory.


Priscilla said...

really cool story!

Bonnie said...

I love stories like that. Shows God cares about all aspects of our lives, little things as well as big. Nothing is too small to bring to God. I sometimes forget this. Great reminder! :-)

Rachel said...

That is an awesome story, thanks for sharing!

Nixter said...

Glad you guys liked the story - it's a goodie and it really does show God cares and hears us!