Friday, March 23, 2007

lauren meets pm

This is a bonus fun video day.

This character Lauren is always saying 'Am I bovered', so you will have to watch some of her other skits to maybe appreciate this one - but I lovvvvvvvvvve it!


David said...

that's better...

Nixter said...

This chick is hysterical if you get chance you should go type in 'Catherine Tate Lauren' into You Tube.

My bridesmaids at my wedding did a rap which included 'Am I bovered?' - Very funny.

Am I bovered?

Tracy said...

What does bovered mean?

Nixter said...

Am I bothered?!?!?!

She says it when she pretends not to care about anything. Am I bovered?

T said...

she is sooo funny!
is she just on you tube?

Nixter said...

She has a bunch of videos on You Tube but she is on TV in the UK and has a couple of DVDs. Glad you enjoyed T ;)

sparkyisastar said...


Long-time reader, first time commenter. The Catherine Tate Show just started on TV here last night. It was so funny! Thanks for posting this!

What did they call re-heads? The sketches with them were great!


Nixter said...

Yeah they are funny, some of them are a bit rude but they are funny.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment. Can't remember the name of the skit but that is funny.

I am a red head and think it's hysterical. ;)