Monday, March 19, 2007

this weekend

This weekend was pretty nice, SP and I had some time together and then on Sunday we went to see our friends who had the twins last Friday. It was a two hour drive but so worth it, I got to hold and cuddle the little ones plus I got to feed and burp one too - how nice ;) SP also got to do that, they were the smallest babies he had ever held - he was a bit nervous but did a good job.

I decided that I am not going home for the funeral which is this Wednesday, I have had mixed feelings about it each day but we decided that I wouldn't. I feel quite sad about this as I actually do want to be there to say goodbye but instead I am going to write something to be read out at the funeral and SP and I are going to do something on Wednesday to say our own good-byes.

Church last night was awesome SamR preached an amazing sermon on Romans 14, about 'disputable matters' and not causing our 'weaker brother to stumble' - it was very challenging and I will write up some more thoughts later or tomorrow once I have had more time to reflect.

I have included a pic of SP and Max - too too cute.


Tracy said...

Oh, I just love little tiny babies like that. Did SP get his hair cut? He looks so different to me.

Alison said...

Wow, that baby is tiny! So cute.