Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ode to mozzies

I don't love you, but you love me;
Why O Why can't you just let me be.

A little bite here,
A little bite there,
Before I know it they're everywhere.

I can hear when you're coming, late in the night,
But it is so difficult to see you in my sight.

Buzz Buzz by my ear, it drives me mad,
and when you bite me it makes me sad.

I jump up from my slumber, I'm going to catch you,
Before I go to sleep - I will see you are through!

My bites grow big, swollen and red,
I have to rub cream in before I go to bed.

I use lots of Rid to keep you away,
you won't be biting me again today!

Come near me and I'll kill you if I can,
It's all part of my major plan.

To kill all the mozzies in the whole world
Leave me in peace - and don't bite me ANYMORE.

by Nixter

I got bit 6 times last night while out to dinner with the lovely Ruth, thanks lovely Ruth - it was a pleasure as always ;)


Tracy said...

OH, mosquitos really love me too. And I can never help myself with the scratching.

Priscilla said...

Most annoying when trying to sleep.

There's a swamp near us, so we seem to get a lot of them. Maybe I should put up a bat house?