Thursday, March 29, 2007

thursday's just got better

Thursday's are pretty good days anyway, you are one step closer to the weekend, it's Adventure Club day, it's chill out night and NOW I am off on Thursday's. So right now I am at home and not at work - WOO HOOT!

SP and I talked and decided that I would go down to a 4 day week, the plan is for me to be able to do some of the things around the house that I normally do on weekends, freeing the weekends up a bit more for us to hang out. SP has been working longer hours too so it means he doesn't have to worry about helping do the house work/washing on the weekends.

I am so excited about this decision we have made, I got a little bit of a sleep in, had my brekkie and am just having a cuppa then I am going to get into it - cleaning, washing, getting some things ready for Adventure Club. I am sure I am going to be keeping busy but there will be some great things I can get up to on Thursday's. Looking after our little family so weekends aren't as busy, catching up with friends, preparing for Adventure Club and also some God time - I have been wanting to write down some verses to memorise and I just saw my little box with some of them in - so have decided next week I am going to do that.

I am thankful that we are able for me to have Thursday's off, I am thankful that I can serve our family by getting things done and I am thankful at the opportunities I might now have on Thursdays which I didn't have when I worked. I pray that I would use this time wisely ;)

Thursday = new fun day!


Tracy said...

All right, Nixie! That's great. I hope that your Thursdays turn out to be the productive days that you have planned. Sounds like a great idea to free up your weekends. :o)

Nixter said...

Yeah I am very excited - just got done cleaning the house and now want to get some things ready for Adventure Club. It sure feels a bit weird to be off, weird but very good ;)