Thursday, March 01, 2007

life and prayer

Happy Thursday.

Just thought I would update you on some of the goings on in the world of Nixie:

- I have started reading the Harry Potter books again so I can get up to speed for when the new book comes out, it's been a while since I last read them and I have forgotten some of it. I find myself doing the voice of Hagrid (in my head - people on the bus would think me rather odd if I did out loud) each time he says something in the book. I myself being from Worcester where the 'farmer' accent is alive and kicking - I have never really had that accent but it has been known to make an appearance every now and again! Shhhh don't tell anybody!

- Prayers for my Aunties Mum would be appreciated. She is very sick in hospital, she has been having problems with her bowel and has actually just undergone surgery to have a colostomy bag put in. My Aunty had to get the police to break into her house as she couldn't get in as her Mum was too sick to answer the door, this was very traumatic for my poor Aunt. She is now in intensive care at the moment, they are not sure of what kind of a recovery she will make yet, she is 86 but still very active and independent. I spoke to my Aunty today, it makes me sad to be so far away from home and family during times like these. Mrs S (that's what we call her) has always been like a 3rd Nan to me - always there, always asking how I am. Please pray not just for a physical healing but for a more important spiritual healing.

- I am starting to feel better and came back to work yesterday, praise God and thanks for your prayers. I am still coughing, snotty (sorry) and not sleeping terribly well but I am feeling much better. Pray that SP and I might get to feeling 100% better soon, I am missing the gym!

- Adventure Club is on today - I love the little kiddies there and I missed them last week as I was sick. Looking forward to seeing their beautiful little faces and teaching them about our great God.

I must get to work now - just wanted to say I really appreciate the prayers of my lovely Xanga friends, thankyou!

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Lairdy said...

I've just started doing the exact same thing with the Harry Potter books! Don't know about the Hagrid voices though...:)