Thursday, March 22, 2007

good-bye mrs s

Today was the funeral of the lovely Mrs S, so last night (which was Wednesday in Oz) SP and I went out for dinner then we took two white roses down to the beach, climbed up some rocks so we could spend some time saying good-bye. SP prayed then we threw the roses into the ocean and said good-bye. I cried a lot but it was a great thing to be able to do to say our own good-byes in our own way. It still saddens to me know that I will never she her again but I have many great memories to cherish. As I couldn't be there I wrote a little something - just and sweet, to be read out at the funeral. Here it is:

"I first of all want to say that words cannot describe how sad I am to not be there to say my good-byes to Mrs S today, I will in my own way be doing that all the way over in Australia.

When I think of Mrs S many things come to mind; Mary-Ann, Guinness, the never forgotten birthday card and Christmas card, generosity, Christmas dinners, mis-hearing things said at the table, stories of weekends away and my third ‘adopted’ Nan.

I am so thankful that I got to see Mrs S this Christmas when I was home, that she got to meet Scott and that she also got to join us on a family lunch. I will miss seeing her again, I will miss making more funny stories to tell and remember BUT, I have so many memories, memories that death cannot take away, memories that I can take with me wherever I go.

To Mary and Kevin, I adore you both so much and I am sorry I am not there with you at this time. Know that Scott and I have been thinking and praying for you. We wish we were not as far away. I know that Mrs S was so blessed to have a daughter and son-in-law just like you, I am sure she was so proud and honoured to have you in her life. We love you both and our thoughts are with you on this day".

The day went well from what I have heard, as well as funerals can go. I spoke to my family this morning to hear all about it. It's good to know that now they can move forward, especially my Aunt as it is so hard when you have a funeral looming.

Thanks for all your prayers, they were much appreciated.


Tracy said...

That sounds like a very nice way that you said your goodbyes. I'm sorry again that you had to be so far away from your family, Nix.

Nixter said...

Thanks Tracy :)