Friday, June 06, 2008

my first 3 months

Don't worry my blog isn't going to all be about the baby from now on but as I have been keeping a lot of it all in for such a long time (believe me 2 months is a long time when you have such big exciting news.) I thought I would share some of the things I have experienced over the last couple of months and it is also a great way to remember this special but sometimes hard time. Note to self: don't read this post before trying to conceive again!

Warning: This blog may contain some 'over-sharing', some of you may not want to read on ;) Actually I just read it back, it's really not that bad!

My body - has totally been taken over, I am no longer controlling what it does or how it feels. How can something so small make so many weird, wonderful and not so wonderful things happen to a fully grown human being's body - in this case ME? As Kaz Cooke describes it in her book 'Up the Duff' - I am now a walking host organ.

Nausea - so far this has probably been the worst of all my symptoms. Early on it was pretty bad and it has only now really started to ease and it certainly hasn't gone completely yet.

When I was living those nightmare weeks of intense nausea I told SP that I think I would prefer to give birth 3 times than have nausea. He suggested I say that to someone who has ACTUALLY had a baby, so I did. They said they would talk to me at the end of December (post baby due date ;). But many women I have spoken to who have suffered terribly with morning sickness (what a joke - who made up the name 'morning' sickness - try 'all day' sickness?) said they would take labour pains over nausea any day. I rest my case!

My relationship with food - I love food and I think food loves me but man I never expected that my relationship with food would take such a turn for the worse. For a long time I have been wondering if my relationship with food will ever be the same again! Case in point: food courts, we have not been friends for sometime now, although I think that our relationship is slowly healing.

In the last 6-7 weeks I haven't drank coffee SHOCK HORROR, I have only had about 2 cups of tea SHOCK HORROR, I have only now started to be able to eat some chocolate SHOCK HORROR.

Junk food - the exception to the above is junk food, namely Pringles, Chips, Hot Chips and Oportos. Salty foods = good! Interestingly I have lost 3 kg's (6 lbs) since being pregnant and not put on weight. How is that fair when you DON'T exercise and you DO eat lots of burgers, chips and yummy food you lose weight, any other time when I DO exercise and when I DON'T eat as much junk food I find it extremely hard to lose weight. Hey ho, them's the breaks!

Exercise - has gone out the window due to the nausea but I am hoping to pick that back up in the next week. My OB said I can play most sports just not contact sports, I guess I will have to give up the wrestling and the cage fighting - I can pick them back up once I have had the baby!

Muscles - with all the 'special' hormones come the relaxing of the muscles, this doesn't do great things for the bowel - enough said I think!

Brain - brain, where art thou? It seems when I got pregnant my brain checked out of my head and checked in for a long vacation, I believe it's gone for about 9 months? Yes folks while before pregnancy I could be a bit of a ditz, this has now been magnified. I guess the positive of this is that I now how an excuse for otherwise 'normal' behaviour, but in my defense it has got a LOT worse.

Pregnancy Books - can be scary. I learned from last time that some of those books aren't for light past time reading before you go to bed! 'What to expect when you are expecting' isn't or at least wasn't for me cover to cover reading material, for someone who can be, let's say 'a little paranoid at times' it wasn't helpful. Last pregnancy I tried reading it cover to cover and it FREAKED.ME.OUT this time I have just used it more as a reference book and that has been much better. Instead I have been reading the very funny 'Up the Duff', it makes me giggle but at the same time let's you know what to expect from the growing one inside you and also of the things that you are going to be feeling/experiencing!

Despite the tough things that you go through in those first few months I wouldn't change it for the world, to see the little one growing inside you is so worth it and is such a gift from God. I struggle to see how people can't believe that there is a God when they look at the creation of human life - it truly is a miracle!

Roll on the 2nd Trimester - isn't that when you bloom and get 'good,nice hormones'? Bring it on I say!


Ruth said...

Great post nixter. I'm glad the nausea is starting to improve. Sadly the pregnancy brain dilemma worsens when it becomes the breast feeding brain - and more brain cells leak out with each feed!!!

Second trimester is great - enjoy it...and it's great when you feel the precious little one kick away and let you know they are exploring their little world already.

Martha said...

And I thought I lost all those brain cells along with the placentas...

Enjoy this pregnancy as much as possible. Now is the time to plan and dream, next time you will be completely and utterly distracted. Sorry to hear you have been feeling ill, somehow I got through seven pregnancies without too much sickness. (I know, no fair.)

Tracy said...

Good post, Nix. Put me down in the "no pregnancy for me" category... :o)

No, seriously, what a miracle. I can't even imagine what it must be like. I'm so glad that you are starting to feel better.

sophg said...

hahah nix! overshare... not too bad first go. But I think we're all friends here, right? LOL

Rachel said...

I used to be a lot smarter before I had kids too. Unfortunately the brains don't come least they didn't for me. ;)

Anonymous said...

i´m so happy to read about you and............finding out that u are pregnant!!!!! congrats my fame girl!!!
samuel is ten months already, and he´s the best things ever could happen to me. i´m sure you´ll feel the same with your little one.
i´, reaaaaaally happy.
un beso!!!!!!!

joeks said...

Oh, I should check your blog more often--wonderful news! Praying the times of nausea are past by now.

I'd have to say I'm with Ruth--I always felt like my brain just went mushy for awhile after each of my children was born, and now I know why!