Monday, December 08, 2008

39 week appt

So I had my 39 week appt today at the ob. The baby still hasn't really engaged, he thinks Squiggly may be slightly lower down than before but not that much.

Also the ob thinks that this is a big baby which he had already told me last week but he said today that Squigs isn't smaller than 4kg (8.8lbs) so tomorrow I have to go and have a ultrasound to see how big the baby actually is which will help make the decision about what we do about birth. The ob is keen to allow me to try to go through labour naturally (which I think nowadays isn't as common, he said a lot of ob's would be gearing me up for a c-section already) but depending on how big the baby is may depend on how we go and how long he let's me try to labour naturally considering the size and the bub and the fact he is still not engaged.

I am a little disappointed and it's started me thinking through the real possibility of having this little man by c-section. BUT you never know, I have a week to go til my due date, the ob just wants to have all the info so he is better informed to help me make the right decision which will keep me and the big huge baby growing in me safe.

I will let you know how the ultrasound goes tomorrow. It will be fun to see Squigs on the big screen again.

At least the little (or not so little one) is growing healthy which is a good thing! Praise God for that.

Anyhoo - I will keep you posted but prayers for a natural birth would be great and appreciated.

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