Saturday, December 13, 2008

nixter is looking for a house/cat sitter

My Mum and Jules are arriving in just over a week which is going to be excellent and we have a holiday house on the South Coast booked for a week from 3rd January til 10th January. We are going with SP's family so it should be fun and we will have a little one by then too.

BUT our other little one - Moses the Cat needs someone to look him!

So I was wondering if I know you in real life and you fancy a little holiday of your own, not too far from the beach (we have Foxtel ;) and you don't mind kitty cats then let me know - comment, call or email me!

Moses is really a good little cat, he likes company and just look how cute he is! He keeps out of mischief and does a lot of this:

If you can help out and you are around that week or even for part of the week let me know ;)

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