Tuesday, April 10, 2007

the weekend

This weekend was just lovely, we went to the Hunter Valley from Friday to Monday. We arrived at this lovely Tuscany looking building and had the cutest little room with a great view - we even had Kangaroos come at the back of our room. We had a massage and spent the evening relaxing had dinner and a fab glass of red wine (it is the Hunter Valley) just chilling. Saturday we got up had a game of tennis - I am improving! and then at 10.30am we were 'all aboard' for a bus trip around 5 different vineyards to sample wine - it was really nice and we got to try some lovely wines. We had a pleasant lunch, tried some yummy cheeses, met some nice people and purchased a few super bottles of wine. If you ever come for dinner - you might get lucky ;)
Sunday 'our actual anniversary' we did our own trip around a few boutique vineyards we had heard about, this was fun to do by ourselves, I also took some pictures of the beautiful flowers it was so pretty - but we didn't take too many pictures of us ;(
Sunday night we went out for a meal at a place called Roberts - scrummy yummy food was had and the place was so quaint and cute inside and out. I had been there once before with a friend who was out from England, we happened to stumble on it - two English girls not really knowing there way around - we didn't do too badly. I have been wanting to take SP there for a while.
Yesterday we headed home after coffee and a muffin via SP's grandparents place, we thankfully missed any of the nasty Easter weekend traffic and we are now back to work, anniversary over - working on our second year of marriage ;)

I will post some pics up soon ;) Happy Tuesday.


Guthers said...

all the best for year number 2!

Nixter said...

Thanks heaps Guthers ;)