Monday, April 30, 2007

church weekend escape

We had a fun weekend escape with our evening church this weekend, it was great as it was only an hour away which was very awesome, not having to worry about a 2 hour drive on Friday after work was really lovely..

We arrived and got straight into the book of Jonah. It was really great to get to look at the book of Jonah, not just through the bible talk but also through small groups. Other then the obvious bits I was intrigued about Jonah and realised that I didn't know the story as well as I thought and there was a lot more to it.

It was cool to catch up with all my friends and to also meet some new people who I got to put names to faces. On Saturday night we had a 'red faces' night, as you might guess I mostly love stuff like that, our team had an 'improvising' task where we had to come up with an scenario to act out, one of the members of our group had to go out and NOT know what it was and then when we performed the scenario that person got to part take, hence the 'improv'. That person was SP and the scenario was 'speed dating' - it was highly amusing and poor SP had no idea what was happening.. The other teams had different 'tasks', I had sore cheeks from laughing. A group of us ended the night with 'Taboo' and then it was off to bed, I had some girlie chats with the ladies in my room which was fun, then it was off to sleep.

Sunday we had our finaly talk on Jonah and then we had a talk on the Lord's Supper, we ended the weekend sharing a meal and communion with each other. It was cool to share this meal together and to 'celebrate' what Christ has done for us on the cross. I was a bit tired after the busy weekend but not too bad. All in all a fun weekend was had by all.


Tracy said...

I'm glad you had a nice camping weekend. What fun! I haven't been to a camp like that in quite a while, I must say.

Nixter said...

Yeah I hadn't either - twas fun fun fun.