Saturday, May 09, 2009

the ergo baby carrier

I ordered and received my new baby carrier this week. It's a 'Ergo Baby Carrier' - I wish I had known about these before I brought the Baby Bjorn. Anyway I didn't so suck it up Nixter!

As 'A' is such a big boy - like over 8kgs already at just 4 and a half months old - he is getting far to heavy to carry in the BB, even SP finds him heavy after he has carried him for a while.

So I did a bit of research and found out about the "Ergo Carrier' - you can carry your baby on your front, back and side and they can be in it until they are 3-4 years (up to 25kg) - not that you want to be carrying a 3 year old in it all the time but you can! You have to buy a baby insert if you want to carry a newborn in it.

Well I watched the 'instructional DVD' which came with - yes people you have to watch a DVD to figure out how to use this thing. I also made SP watch it with me again - he loved it but when I asked him if he wanted to watch it again he declined!

So far so good, it isn't as bulky as I thought it would be and while at first being a little worried that 'A' was almost doing the splits in it with his legs wrapped around me - I love it and I think he does too! Apparently it is much better for their posture as they are not hanging from their crotch (did I just say that?) like they do in the BB. And it is much better for me as all the weight is carried on the hips, so my back and shoulders don't hurt anywhere near as much.

'A' seems to love it and the few times I have had him in it he has gone to sleep within about 5-10 mins. I can't wait til he is a little bigger and I can wear him on my back! It also has a little hood to project from wind, sun and rain - no more carrying extra wraps around to cover him up!

I also think it is going to be really great for when I am traveling on the plane and around London when I am home. All in all I am happy with our new purchase I think I shall sell the BB and then when we have another little one buy a pouch or insert for the Ergo!

I highly recommend it - if you have or having a baby of course ;)


Marla Taviano said...

Great review! Maybe the company will send you a free insert since you're giving them free promo. ;)

RodeoClown said...

We use(d) a 'hug-a-bub', which is basically a big long sheet of fabric you wrap around yourself and put the baby in. We used it all the time for the boys, and a little bit for Aravis, but now we have pretty much migrated to a backpack. Aravis seems to prefer that to being tied to her parents...