Monday, March 08, 2010

Exciting news

Well, I guess I haven't been as good at blogging as I was hoping to be this year but it is only March so I have some time to make that right and I have a fairly good reason...

We are having another baby!!! Baby number two will be arriving in late September! There will be 21 months between our first baby and second baby.

We are very excited but I think I will enjoy it all a bit more when I stop having morning sickness. I forgot how yucky morning sickness was, I guess that happens so you actually have more kids huh!

So when lil 'O' has been having a sleep so has his Mama which hasn't left a whole lot of time for blogging...

I have been up and down at the idea of having two little ones under two - of course we want this little baby so much so that's not the issue, I think just because I have been feeling so tired and sick it makes me start wondering how I will cope with two. I also have been thinking a lot more about how hard it is to have family so far away, my family in England and then SP's family 4 hours away. I have been a littleysad about this over the last month or so, I see Grandma's walking their grand-kids and really wish that was mine or SP's Mum with 'A'.

But I guess we are not doing it by ourselves we have a great God who gives us all we need to get through, and we also have a wonderful new church family around this time so that will be a great support and already is...

We had our first scan a few weeks ago and there was a strong little heartbeat - one heartbeat!!! We go back next week for our 12 weeks scan where hopefully we will see a little bit more of our new little family member!

Anyway I really wanted to share with you on blogger before I mentioned it on Facebook in a one sentence status update.

Please pray that this yucky morning sickness would leave me soon and that this little one might grow safe and healthy in my tummy!!! I can't believe I am on this pregnancy roller-coaster again but I am thrilled and excited to enjoy the ride - once the morning sickness is over that is!


Priscilla said...

Well congratulations!!!!

Dave Miers said...

very good news!!
praise God.

Ruth said...

Great news Nixter!

Darren Cochran said...

Great photos & a nice blog!

My way said...


Little Mermaid said...

congrats !!!

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anastasiya said...


sleepinl8 said...

Since this is your most recent post and it is already past a whole year later, I assume you are spending lots of quality time doting on your first child and your beautiful new baby! Not to mention, ya need some mommy solitude time as well ;) God bless all of you! :* smooch

Knowing said...

It will get better :) Don't worry.
Nice news.

Shahana said...

I am praying that you might get well soon. In my case I had to stay with this situation for whole 8 months. Till my son get born. I don't know how you are managing all. You must became very expert about child. Still I am facing lots of hard work with my child... Don't get a little time for me.

syaza_nur93 said...


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Test King said...

Congratulations, it was a great news for me, i hope your babies will be fine and you will be taking care of them. You are a beautiful couple.

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