Friday, September 21, 2007

holidays = fantastic! God = good!

I have a list of things to write about but I just haven't had the time to write down everything buzzing in my head.

Firstly though I would thoroughly like to recommend holidays. I feel refreshed and it feels good. Before I left everything was an effort, everything was hard, my fuse was shorter than it normally would be, I didn't have the energy or desire to do things that I would normally love to do, SP and I were 'existing', I didn't have many interesting things to write about and I was finding prayer and reading God's word hard.

It is amazing what a holiday can do! We won't be leaving it that long between holidays again = lesson learnt.

I feel totaly different - Nixter has reentered the building! Not to say I was a totally different person but my energy levels and desires were overtaken with tiredness... I have been praying more and God has rekindled a joy in my heart. There have been certain things that have been on my heart to pray for and if I wake up in the night I start to pray or when I am going to sleep I pray - I love that!

SP and I are having more fun and have had the opportunity and time on our holidays to reconnect and just hang out.

Bible Study was great on Thursday (Rev 8-11), I know if you read it you might wonder how I get the word 'great' from this passage, but really God is a merciful God who loves us and has chosen us for himself. Even though there are horrendous things we see in this world and even though life can be really hard at times - the fact that God has sent his son to save us who don't deserve saving is AMAZING! He has spared us!

There are many things I want to say here but I have just got to work so I it will have to wait until later or the weekend.

Praise God for holidays and his mercy!

Have a great Friday.


soph g said...

good to hear you're refreshed, nix. havent seen you in long-time :(! Big love your way though

Nixter said...

I know Soph - miss you heaps.

When might I see you next? Big love to you too!