Tuesday, September 18, 2007

photography frustrations

A few weeks before we went away I had to take our Canon 300D Digital SLR to get the sensor cleaned as there were marks showing up in our photos, I got home after taking it to be cleaned took a few pics and noticed that their were still marks - Hummmph! I called them up straight away and they told me to take it back and they would clean it again for me at no additional charge. This seemed to work! Hoorah!

So while holidaying in NZ we had some issues with things getting on the lens or sensor (to be honest I am not really sure how it all works and where the dust ends up?!?) thus marks were showing up on our photos. Grrrrrrr. As were taking a lot of scenery shots the marks really stand out.

So I called Canon today and they said that this happens, (we have had our camera 18 months and some friends have the same camera and have never had to have it cleaned) – this is our third time. We are careful when changing the lenses (which we don’t do very often) and keep the camera stored in a camera bag,

Anyhoo, the man at Canon told me that it would be a good idea to get a ‘Bulb Blower’, so it looks like I will. I was wondering if there are any other budding or pro photographers out there who might have some advice about what to get to clean the inside and about how to minimize this happening. It is really frustrating to see things all over your pretty photos - I am hoping photo shop might help fix up the little marks but I would rather know how to clean the camera or prevent this happening so I don't have to spend time photo shopping our pics!

I have only recently started getting into photography but I am really hoping to maybe do a course of some kind very soon and start taking it more seriously so I would love any top tips!

Nixter = a little bit disappointed about her camera and photo's!


Alison said...

How frustrating! I hope you can still sort out some good photos to remind you of your trip. I don't have any advice about cameras, but it's the sort of thing that would probably be discussed on web forums for photography so if you did a bit of a search for photography websites, or just google the make of your camera, you might get lucky.

Nixter said...

I will have to have a look around Alison.. I went to Paxtons last night and they sell some things that might work...

I should be able to fix the pics up that got marks on up it's just going to take some time infront of the computer ;)

Goldy said...

I have had this problem a fair bit too. The following link will take you to an australian site that sells some good cleaning equipment. I think the down side to digital equipment is that dust sticks to things that carry a charge. It just means you have to clean a lot. One thing that helps is to make sure the camera is facing down when you change your lenses too.
Any way, check out the site.

Nixter said...

Thanks heaps Tim for the advice, will check that site out now!

Dave Pinn said...

Some dusting-up of the sensor is inevitable, but there are things you can do to minimise it. Come chat with me sometime about how to clean your sensor, and how to reduce the intake of dust.