Monday, January 14, 2008

guess who's back?

Yes, it is I.

I have returned from the land of holidays and am now back at home ready to get into work. Well, not actually 'ready' as such but nevertheless after 3 weeks off it is time to be back at work and into 'normal' life. Not sure if me and normal work in the same sentence?

I feel TOTALLY out of the loop, I have hardly spoken to people, been on the internet, read blogs or done any of the things that I normally do. That has been quite nice actually although I have missed catching up on all of your lives, bear with me as I catch up on my blog reading!!! I want to know what you have all been up to during the last few weeks I have been MIA.

I have been having a good ole time. Normally holidays go by so quickly that you wonder if you actually really had a holiday. Not this time. I feel like I have been off forever, ok slight exaggeration but I really do feel relaxed and rested - Praise God. I wonder how long that will last for? So what have I been up to you might ask, or you might not ask but I am going to tell you anyway! This could be a long post so bear with me.

So the holidays started with us traveling down to Canberra the weekend before Christmas to spend time with SP's family, we had an early Christmas with them as SP's sister was spending Christmas with her husband's family. We had a lovely time and it was great to capture little Jasmine's first Christmas on video. I will post some video and pictures up very soon.

We then headed back to home on Christmas Eve with SP's parents who spent the night with us at our place and then we headed to Newcastle for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, we headed home the following day to spend a few days at home - this was lovely. We went to the beach most afternoons, painted our garage (that was hard work) and just enjoyed being off and at our home... Then we had New Year's Eve with some lovely friends, we even had a visit from a missionary friend of ours who serves in China - he is home for a short time and it was soooo good to see him. We hadn't got to see him as we have moved churches, we are hopefully going to have him over this week or next for dinner... So NYE was fun and relaxed and then on the 2nd Jan we headed back to Canberra to spend a few more days with SP's family before we headed off for a week at a beach house SP's parents had booked which was part of our Christmas present. We got to play tennis, catch Yabbies (I have photos) and we also watched the cricket....

We drove down to the South Coast on Sat 5th Jan and stayed until Sat 12th Jan - it was so relaxing. I read a book, swam in the ocean, went fishing, went to the beach, played cricket, ate fish and chips on the beach, ate lovely food (we all took it in turns to cook) and enjoyed our little niece... I also have photos of the hols and will post them up soon.

We got back on Saturday to a new house - while we were away we had floating floor boards put through the living room and kitchen which looks fab! Yesterday we went to the movies to watch 'American Gangster' with Denzel Washington and my mate Russell Crowe...

We are loving our new church heaps and we are looking forward, now life is a back to normal, to getting involved with a bible study and getting to know people better, our new minister and his wife are coming over for dinner next week which should be good.

Anyhoo, that is a quick run through of my life over the last few weeks.

Well, it's good to be back. I look forward to reading your blogs very soon.


Alison said...

Welcome back!!! yay - will have to catch up soon. I'm glad you had such a relaxing break :)

Ruth said...

Missed you in person - as well as blogosphere!!!

Glad you're back - and extra glad you're relaxed.