Wednesday, March 05, 2008

dory hitched a ride on the porcelain express :(

My little fish Dory died yesterday, after a record 6 months in my care. Actually 'Shark-bait ooh ha ha' lived a bit longer than that. I don't know what I did, there was a fish in our office by the name Commets, that one lived for over 2 years, and I think he may still be alive. Commets didn't have as much care as Dory, it would swim in green water and not get fed for a few days (please don't contact the RSPCA!) but I used to feed and clean Dory regularly - but to no avail. A few days ago he started looking a bit 'green in the gills', pardon the pun and sure enough I got home last night and he (yes HIS name was Dory) was a goner... Strangely enough though - he wasn't floating on the surface - isn't that meant to happen once they die?

Anyhoo as you have probably gathered I am not all that emotional about it, I am a little sad but it is only a fish and you can't really bond with fish. I couldn't flush Dory down the toilet though, I just don't like doing that, so I had to wait for SP to come home and do the final duties, of sending Dory on his final journey, hitching a ride on the porcelain express*.

If you know any ways of bonding with fish please let me know.

*If you haven't seen Finding Nemo - shame on you!


Lara said...

Aw, that's sad.

No ideas about bonding with fish - I've never had a fish as a pet. I've always been very attached to my birds, though. I had a budgie for about 12 years, and I was so sad when he died. Poor little thing seemed to be in a lot of pain as well, which was awful to watch. My gorgeous cockatiel, Mate, is now about 17 years old and still going strong. I'll be devastated when he passes away!

Nixter said...

I didn't realise birds lived that long. I was devastated when my hamster, Geoffrey died, he was short on breath and it was awful to watch him die.

Go 'Mate'. 17 years is awesome, how long do they live to?

Lara said...

I've heard 12-20 years, but then I think I heard recently that they can live a lot longer than that. Cockatoos can live to over 100, but they're much bigger.

Budgies have a similar life-span, but most in captivity only live a few years, so my budgie did very well.

Mate doesn't seem like he's getting old at all. Sometimes when he's not getting enough attention he starts pulling out feathers from underneath his wing and gets an infection - then I have to put a collar on him which he does not like at all!

Are you going to get another fish?

Nixter said...

We are thinking about it, I want to get a cat but we are thinking of waiting to do that - so yeah we will probably get another one - I will post up pics when we do ;)

I saw a cockatoo in NZ which was pretty much bold other than feathers around it's head. It looked weird!

Bonnie said...

MB's family had his budgie autopsied!! when it died. His name was Biggles and he was very cute: he could talk, he'd have showers with MB and was in love with bling (he used to talk to MB's mum's engangement ring for ages!).

Nixter said...

LOL Bonnie - not that he died and was autopsied but at the bling bling and talking to the ring. How funny is that!

Christine said...

hey Nix, sorry to hear about Dory :( FiFi is being fish-sat by the Fosters this week as we were away over the weekend and they offered to take FiFi. I miss Fi-Fi. Seeing FiFi tomorrow though, yay! One suggestion for bonding is to go swimming with it :)

Alison said...

Sorry to hear your fishy has passed on. I think the longer you have a fish, the more you bond with it. I had two that lasted about 4 years and they were little when I got them, but grew up into bigger fish which was nice to watch. We've never been able to keep fish alive for longer than about 6 months since those two. We eventually gave up as it felt like we were consigning any we bought to an early grave.

Nixter said...

Yeah Alison, I am not sure how old it was when I got it? So it might make me better to say it was at least 2 years old when he came into our care ;)

I need to upgrade to a cat!

Tracy said...

Nixter, GMJ has got some tips on bonding with a fish on her blog. (T's mom - check my blogroll and scroll down a couple of posts)