Tuesday, August 05, 2008

i'm back......

.... actually I have been back since Sunday arvo but have just been a bit slack about writing!

We had a wonderful time on Dunk Island. It was so pretty. Our room had a view of the beach and ocean, we had a king size bed - I now want to buy one - soooooo much room. There wasn't all that much to do on the island, or rather there were things to do if you wanted too but we didn't want too.

A typical day on Dunk Island looked like this:

8.30am - Wake up, get ready, apply sun screen etc.

9.00am - Go down to breakfast - breakfast was included and full of scrummy things. You could have a full breakfast, pastries, fruit - the whole nine yards and believe me folks we did! I'm eating for two remember!

9.30am - Resume position on beach seats, on beach, under palm and banana trees. Sit a little in the sun but mainly in the shade! Read book! Drink a coffee (yes I did have one or two coffees without vomiting)

11.30am - Head up to the lounge and play Scrabble (after a flying start SP ended up being the Scrabble Champ - did I mention I hate losing? ) we did this some days with a fruit mocktail.

12.30pm - Play pool (I was the Pool Champ - did I mention I LOVE to win?)

Approx 12pm - 2pm - Lunch at the Lounge.

2pm - Head back to the room, watch TV or sleep (at the beginning of the week we were both exhausted so had nanna naps!)

4.30pm - Play Tennis (only did this once - my body can no longer take it!) or Table Tennis (we played this everyday and I loved it). We were quite evenly matched at table tennis. Do you think our little baby is going to be competitive?

6.30pm - Down to Dinner - the food was amazing but expensive.

7.30pm - Back to the room where we watched TV and fell asleep by 9.30pm/10pm most nights - just call us Grandma and Grandpa!

So all in all we had a wonderfully relaxing time. The one big thing we did was go for a 2 1/2 hour bush walk around the whole island. It ended up being quite hilly so I wasn't all that impressed AND we saw a green tree snake YIKES! They don't hurt you but I thought the next snake we would come across was an anaconda*.....

I survived the 12 seater plane ride, I was a bit sweaty palmed but I managed, it was a beautiful flight up the coast. The island was very diverse and pretty.

We only took a few pictures as we did the same thing everyday, I will try and post some up tonight!

The coolest thing that happened on our trip was that the first and second night little squiggly kicked quite hard and SP got to feel it. The baby hasn't done many big kicks so it made me jump - but it was cool that SP finally got to feel the little one move. Squiggly is moving more and more and my belly is getting bigger and bigger - will try to post some belly pics very soon, I can only just see my toes!

* Dramatisation! There are no anacondas in Australia! At least I don't think there are?!?!?!?


onlinesoph said...

I cannot wait until I can eat for two!!

Glad you had a great time:) It sounded lovely.

Tracy said...

Sounds like a perfect babymoon! I'm glad you had such a relaxing time.