Friday, August 22, 2008

le bump 2 - 23 weeks

why o my bump soooooo big! I know there is only one in there!

23 weeks

Remember this was me at 16 weeks - man I did a whole lotta growing in that time! Well someone did ;)

I am 23 weeks and I feel huge already. I love my bump because I know what it contains is very precious but man am I suppose to be this big? I know you are so not meant to compare yourself to other pregnant women but its hard not to when you have this very large bump in front of me.

I wonder if it's because I am eating too much (which I think I definitely am, including chips and chocolate!) but I don't seem to have put weight on anywhere else? I guess I will find out more at my 27 week appointment in 3 weeks!

Maybe those first few months of eating junk because I was so sick has caught up with me! Oopsey!

ps I better get used to it - it's only going to get bigger!


emily said...

You are absolutely adorable!!! Le bump is lovely!!!

sophg said...

Nicki it looks perfectly normal :) Also, it's because you're slim that it's obvious, so I wouldn't be worried! x

Priscilla said...

You look just beautiful!!!!!!!

Christine said...

You look great! Don't worry, I was as big as you bt the 12th week so you are doing great! I think pregnant women have such a beautiful glow about them so go ahead and shine!

Ruth said...

I agree with all the other comments - girl you look FANTASTIC!

(and I too looked much more pregnant at 23 wks, even the first time...and we wont even talk about the four pregnancies after that!)