Thursday, April 09, 2009

my first online shopping experience

It was Saturday morning and I was anticipating my Coles groceries to be delivered to my front door - woot!

I couldn't wait!- I had booked a delivery to arrive between 1.30pm and 4.30pm and at 12pm I was called to see if I was home and would except an early delivery - oh yeah I will!!!!

So the nice man delivered my groceries and I was very happy until Scott said - are you sure this is everything?!?!?!!?!

No milk, no bread, none of my weekly essentials - GREAT I thought and then I saw two packets of rice that I never ordered.

I was starting to think that my first online shopping experience had been a total disaster and that they had given me part of some other persons shopping - then it suddenly occurred to me:

"No milk, no bread - DOH". I know what happened - I created a 'Weekly List' with Coles, which is a list of items I get every week (milk, bread etc), BUT I had totally forgotten to add this 'Weekly List' to my 'trolley' - DOH!

And what about the rice and lotion??? On the bag they came in I saw a sticker 'Free Samples' - Yay for free stuff!

So even though it meant we had to go to the shops ANYWAY due to my boo boo which kind of defeats the point of online shopping, I was glad it wasn't because Coles Online are rubbish - it's because I am rubbish and am an amateur at this.

It was still fun to have the man delivery my groceries to my door - no lifting and no carrying heavy items up our stairs.

I have learnt much from my first shopping experience - sometimes those mistakes that you make mean you probably won't make them again

I have just placed my 2nd online order which is being delivered today, so I will let you know if this one is slightly more successful.

I fully recommend shopping online - I won't do it forever but it works for us right now!


Priscilla said...

Very cool.
You aren't rubbish!

emfolle said...

I used to online shop when we were in Leichhardt and I loved it. The other mistake I made was looking at quantities and forgetting what it actually looked like. e.g. "Hmmm 5 kilos of rice is better value than 2 x 2kg bags" Let me tell you that NO ONE needs 5 kgs of rice!


Tracy said...

Yay! Ditto Priscilla - you aren't rubbish.

Jan said...

Just visiting from Ruth's blog.

Online grocery shopping is great. I used Coles at home and at a small canteen for several years. Very fustrated some of the time with Coles.
Have now switched to Woolies. Much better packed, more reliable.

Coles has a nasty habit of emailing at midnight or after to say something indispensable is out of stock and I needed it next morning. If you have your order marked as "do not substitute" then Woolies site won't let you place an order if it's out of stock. In other words, their website is better maintained as to quantities. Coles was often out of what I consider basic foods, bread, rolls, milk. Their orders are nowhere near as well packed as WW.

I agree about lugging groceries up steps.

Great to hear of your memorising scripture. I still fondly remember learning new verses week after week in High School Scripture classes and that's a very long time ago. By the end of the year, there were a lot to go through every week.