Thursday, February 08, 2007

busy busy busy tired tired tired

Things have been busy busy busy and I have been tired tired tired this week. I think it started with Sam and Sophia's wedding on Saturday night, it was an awesome and fun wedding but it meant I had a late night and then on Sunday we were busy, Monday night we had a friend of Scott's from work over who is looks like he is going to be getting a divorced from his wife = very sad. Tuesday we had to prepare bible study and then last night was bible study. All great and good things, I just think with the gym and everything it caught up with me the last 2-3 days BUT today I am feeling a bit less tired. Hoorah!

The gym is going well, we are still going around 4-6 times a week, we started doing the RPM class this week, we did it Monday and today - it is 45 minutes of absolute torture but it feels good once you stop. I am surprised I haven't had a heart attack!

I have been a grumpy tired wife this week, not enjoying the things that I normally enjoy and not being particularly good company - so if it enters your mind please pray for my attitude.

We have another wedding this weekend in the Blue Mountains, I brought a new outfit on Monday which I love, I don't normally buy new wedding outfits but we are in a new season of weddings and have a few more coming up this year so I thought I would treat myself with some left over Christmas money to a new outfit. Might post a picture if I remember.

Talking of weddings, I have been asked to be a bridesmaid to one of my close friends, but there is a slight hitch (hitch - get it?). I suppose it's not really a hitch (get it again?) but the wedding is in London in July 07. SP and I have been talking about it and haven't yet decided if I am going to go. SP won't be able to come because of work. Pray that we might make a wise decision.

I have Adventure Club today, my first one this year and I can't wait to see all the little kids again, it's going to be fun.. I think some of the kids I taught last year have gone into the next class, this is sad but I might get to meet some new faces which is cool....

Anyhoo, I just thought I would fill you in on life in Nixter's world. Have a great Thursday :)


kate said...

Very impressed with gym can only manage 4... what's RPM?... Hey it's snowing...... If you decide to come to England would love a London catch up!

David said...

RPM - revs per minute
it's a cycle class - they are crazy - but good.

hey nixter - hope that the adventure club rocked out!

Nixter said...

Yeah RPM is what David said, it's tough but man it's a good workout.

Nixter said...

If I come to London I would love to shw you some of my fav spots. I will keep you posted..