Friday, July 25, 2008

can you say babymoon?

I can.....BABYMOON!

This Sunday SP and I are going on holiday for 7 nights to Dunk Island and I can't wait. I am almost asleep standing up I am that tired and in need of a good break, growing a baby isn't easy you know ;)

It's only a small island so there isn't too much to do which suits me just fine. We thought now would be a great time for a holiday - not too big so not too uncomfortable! I still can't believe we are going, I don't think I will until I am on the plane!

There will be plenty of relaxing on the beach (weather permitting), lots of reading, massages, swimming in the pool, maybe some tennis, SP and I time, relaxing, movies and that 'not too strenuous' kind of thing! BRING IT ON!

The only downside for me is the small plane trip we have to take from Cairns to Dunk Island, please pray for me as I am a little nervous about it. I am sure it will be great and the views will be magnificent but I am still a little bit apprehensive and prayers would be appreciated.

I really pray that this would be a relaxing break for SP and I to enjoy some time together before our little one arrives ;)


Christine said...

that's awesome! my folks went to dunk island on their honeymoon...and adored it.

Nixter said...

That's good to know, I can't wait - other than small plane trip - will be great!

onlinesoph said...

sounds like so much fun, Nixter!

Hope your baby scan went well - I thought about you and prayed.

Lara said...

What a fantastic idea! Don't worry about the plane - you'll be fine! Matt and I went to Brampton Island on our honeymoon, and we had to take a small plane across. It was fine - no worries at all!