Monday, August 06, 2007

the weekend

We had so much fun this weekend, it was a busy but full of great things.

- On Saturday morning SP got up early to go to a Men's Breakfast and talk at church, I of course stayed in bed till around 9.30am - NICE! When he got home we got ready to head over to pick up my friend (the one who has been really sick recently, but is on the mend) to take her for a birthday coffee and lunch. The sun was shining, the cafe we went to was lovely, the food was great and the coffee (CAMPOS!) fantastic!!! It was nice to see my friend is on the up after being so ill for a long time.

- We got home chilled out for a little before getting all dresses up to go to a black tie 30th birthday party of a friend I know from England (the one who I play tennis with on Thursdays). It was Dinner and CĂ©ilidh (Scottish Dancing). It was soooooo much fun, I haven't laughed like that in a long time - I love laughing so hard you almost wet yourself (I don't like wetting myself and I haven't for a long long time but I do love laughing so hard). It was a late night but totally worth it.

- Sunday morning was to the movies to watch 'Amazing Grace' - I lurvvvvvvvvved it and so did SP, it made me cry, esp the bits with Albert Finney (John Newton) - he is such a good actor. I am amazed at what he achieved and his passion and determined mind to stop what was such a hideous injustice.

- Sunday arvo we watched the AFL (Aussie Football) and our team won - Hoorah!

- Sunday night was a very convicting message at church on James 4, well done Matty D.

- Today is back to work day and also the day Ruth has her 5th baby, she may have already had it, I am just waiting for the message. Please pray for her and AB...

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