Tuesday, October 02, 2007

a new addition

On Saturday we went to a wedding of a good friend of ours, on all the tables at the wedding reception there was a fish in a glass bowl. I went to my seat and found a note telling me I was now the proud owner of the fish on table 11.

The fish (our first pet together - ahhhhhhhhhhh) is a Siamese Fighting Fish and has been named 'Dory' though I keep referring to her as a him?!?!?! I have named him after 'Dory' for a couple of reasons:

1. Finding Nemo has to be one of my favourite movies.
2. In England a very common nickname for me was 'Dory', if you know me - it is really self explanatory and if you haven't met me yet you will get it once you do..

So we are now the responsible owners of a fish.... We got little Dory a plant, some food (always good to feed your pets) and some water cleaner stuff. So far so good.

My past history with fish is not all that good, I killed about 5 or 6 in the first 18 months of being in Australia, my favourite of which was 'Shark-Bait Ooh Ha Ha' - another Finding Nemo name. Let's hope I am a little better with this one.


Alison said...

how exciting! We had one or two fighting fish a few years ago and found them a bit hard to keep alive. Apparently they need warm water and a small bowl. But Adam's mum had one in a large bowl and she had much more success than we did (i.e. the fish lived a lot longer!)
If you hold a mirror up to fighting fish they put on a bit of an agressive display to scare off the "other" fish.

Nixter said...

Yeah we have done that to the one we have at work and it goes crazy but ours just looks. How boring! I will keep working on her!

Alison said...

I can't believe you had one called "Sharkbait Ooh Ha Ha" lol

Nixter said...

I know, it was a bit of a mouthful but I liked it.

It was a goldfish with bigggg bug eyes...