Friday, October 26, 2007

iron chef shenanigans

So yesterday I was running around like a headless chook (what the aussies call chickens) as I had to do all the things I normally do on my Thursday off. Housework, Washing, Shopping but I also had to get all the ingredients for last nights Iron Chef, get to church early with all ingredients an cooking instruments!

I got to the shops and amazingly managed to get most things - I had to go to a few stores to get everything but that's all good. The pressure was on though, I mean if I forgot anything that would be a nightmare wouldn't it!

I also needed to bring in all our electrical appliances so we could make sure that there wouldn't be a massive blow out = no more iron chef.... So I had to get all the ingredients and also about 5 bags worth of utensils, cooking bits and bobs, electric wok (it was all electric cooking baby - no oven or stove), our rice cooker and electric fry pan.. I carted all this stuff downstairs along with the food - I was exhausted before I even left the house...

I put everything in the car and as I pulled out of the garage I thought to myself - 'Self - should you maybe just get out of the car and check that you haven't left anything in the garage as you do have a lots of bags and you don't want to leave anything behind, you do live a long way away and it will be busy peak hour traffic?' - I told Self - 'Naaaaaaaa I am sure I have everything'. I drove away.. I picked up my lovely husband and we drove over to church - peak hour, over the Harbour Bridge, 35 minutes away...

We arrived at church, laid all our cooking stuff out on the 'Yellow Table' - we were the 'Yellow Team' - we had our secret ingredient - 'Coconut' (just for you Holly)! All was good. Or was it!

Our recipes were:

Starter: PRAWNS coated in Coconut and shallow fried with honey/soy/lime sauce on Spinach.
Main: Baltese FISH in a spicy coconut sauce.
Dessert: Pancakes with ICECREAM, Desiccated Coconut and Chocolate Sauce.

Then I looked and couldn't see the pink bag, the pink bag with all the fresh ingredients in - the FISH, the PRAWNS and all the the fresh produce.

PANICK! This was at 6.30pm - the evening started with pot luck dinner at 7pm and then the cook-off at 7.30pm - it was peak hour traffic = bad when you live where we live. SP said he would drive, he would not normally be able to make it back to our house and back to church in time - I felt awful, I am such a scatter brain... He might not even make it back in time for the cook-off let alone dinner - the poor thing.

I had left it in the garage. SELF WHY DIDN"T YOU GET OUT OF THE CAR TO CHECK!!!

Anyway my husband was very lovely, I had sent him a text message to tell him I was really sorry, he sent me a message saying 'you did great today, don't worry, I will be back soon' - how nice is he, I should marry him, Oh I already did.

Amazingly he arrived back AT 7.15pm - thankyou God, he reminded me I didn't have eggs (which he picked up) or ICECREAM (which I picked up at a local shop). He made it back in time to have something to eat and in time to start the cook-off.

Anyhoo, we made our dishes - the first time we had made any of the dishes ever, it was videoed true Iron Chef style and we had fun. We didn't win but we had fun!!! One of the other teams had full on practiced all of there dishes on the weekend - not us!!!! The Blue Team won and all in all it was a good night!

Happy Weekend to you all!

ps that was a bloomin long story!!


kristina said...

Sounds like you had a hectic day, but I am glad it turned out well and your husband got to be a hero!

Nixter said...

he's my hero ;)

Alison said...

That sounds hilarious - what an event! Did the dishes you made turn out ok?

Nixter said...

Yeah other than the dessert, we put the ice-cream on and by the time it came to testing ours is had melte - we should of added the ice-cream later. Oh well.

The main and started were pretty good though ;)

Tracy said...

Wow! What an idea to have that for your church. It sounds like it was stressful but also fun. I'm really glad it all turned out well.