Wednesday, October 03, 2007

the weekend

It has been hot hot hot here these last few days and it is apparently going to hit 34 degrees today - it's not even Summer yet - it's Spring!!!

So heaps happened on the weekend but I haven't got to write about it and even if it is a little bit of old news I am going to write anyway ;)

- Friday night we had our lovely friends, Mr and Mrs Lairdy over for dinner, I brought some scrummy cheeses for starters, cooked roast beef and veggies for dinner and then I had made a lemon cake for dessert - it was a fantastic night with fantastic friends and to top it off my gorgeous friend had brought me some shoes - purple shoes, they are very very cute and I love them!

- Saturday I got up early to watch England in the Rugby World Cup - WE WON!!! Which means we play Australia on Saturday night in the Quarter Finals, we have to win otherwise we are out... I really hope England wins.. After the rugby we went for a run and then we went to a friend's wedding - it was a long day but beautiful, the weather was gorgeous, my little goddaughter was there (I got many cuddles) and I got to see one of my good friends marry a lovely man...

- Sunday I had to work. The Challenge Conferences that we run for MTS have been on the last 3 weekends and so I went up to do some interviews with people who were attending - these will eventually go on a new DVD we are doing which explains what MTS is etc, it will be shown in churches but also to people who are considering an apprenticeship. I interviewed Ministers, people doing an apprenticeship, people thinking about doing an apprenticeship, people at theological college and the wives of those at college too (I think it's important to find out what it means to them too). It was really fun and being the 'shy' girl that I am I just loved chatting and asking my prepared questions... I didn't realise that I was going to be filmed but it all worked out OK and I wasn't too nervous once I got going. I will let you know when it comes out, we will probably put it on you tube too..

- Monday was a holiday. Again the weather was glorious, we chilled out went for a nice lunch near the beach. Then in the evening we went to watch 'Stardust'.. It was OK but not as good as I had hoped, it's a bit cute and some of the special effects were great but it was also a little cheesy.

Anyhoo, that's what I have been up too.. Happy Wednesday Hump Day.


emily said...

I need a picture of the purple shoes!!! purple is my favorite color and i love shoes!! let's see a picture!!

Nixter said...

I will post one. Purple is my fav colour too - I love it!