Monday, October 08, 2007

come on england

Well we did it, we are through to the semi finals after beating Australia on Saturday night. I started watching the game with only a glimmer of hope as Australia were the odds on favourites to win..

I was pleasantly surprised at how well England played and that they seemed to really rattle the Australian's with their game plan..

I guess what was an even bigger shock this weekend was New Zealand losing to France, another big surprise..

Anyway, I will say no more here ;) But I am very excited to see the England v France semi final on the weekend, we beat them in 2003, we could beat them again if we keep improving as we have...

Come on England!


Duncan said...

Well done to your boys~! Thought they played really well...

Was quite impressed with the French defense, and think they were deserved winners. Why NZ (and Australia) didn't set-up for a drop-goal, I'll never understand..

Nixter said...

Thanks Duncan ;)

I was thinking that during the NZ game, drop kick, drop kick. This was even after I knew the score.. I knew the result but kept wondering why they didn't do it..