Wednesday, November 28, 2007

bend it like beckham

Last night SP and I went to see the game - it was pretty good and full of action. Eight goals were scored in all which doesn't happen very often in football, it made the game exciting and interesting.

There was of course a Beckham special, a free kick from 25m bent right into the top left hand corner of the net = special indeed!

Sydney FC played well, knocking three goals in in the first half, Beckham scoring the first goal for the Galaxy a minute before half time. The second half had more goals, a few rough and tumbles, a sending off and for some reason only nine men playing for the Galaxy at the end instead of ten, I couldn't quite work that out, as they only had one sending off?!?!? Anyone else know the answer to that one?

Two more goals for Sydney and one more goal for Galaxy leaving Sydney with a comfortable win!

Our seats weren't too bad to watch the action but we were not close enough to get great pictures - I had my 300m lens on so managed to get some - I will post these up later as we didn't get home until midnight...

Australian Idol singer Natalie Gauchi sang her new single 'Here I Am' too which was a nice surprise.

All in all it was a top night with just over 80,000 people out to see the big game! What a crowd! I think this has done great things for the sport over here in Oz!

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kristina said...

"Football" hasn't quite caught on here yet. Maybe it will. I am glad you had fun.