Monday, November 26, 2007

photography course

For the past 5 weeks SP and I have been doing a basic SLR photography course on Monday nights for two hours at a local community college. It has been really helpful in understanding our camera more and how to use certain settings and how to get certain effects.

This week is our 6th week out of the 8 week course, our homework this week was to take some portrait pictures of each other, I love taking photo's but don't really like getting my picture taken! Anyhoo, it was really helpful in understanding light and shadows. Doing the homework set each week can be a bit of an effort to try and find the correct things to take pictures of but I have found it really beneficial in practically understanding the lessons and how different functions on our camera work.

I will try and post some of the pictures up that we have taken soon. I think my favourite assignment so far was the water one.... We had to take 3 different pictures of water - we took pictures of a water fountain, we had to take them at different shutter speeds. In the first 'slower shutter speed' photo the water is really blurry and in the last photo on a 'faster shutter speed' you can see the droplets of water - very awesome!

Anyhoo, I will post pics soon.

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