Friday, February 22, 2008

by invitation only...

I have been out of the loop in the blog world lately, writing on my own blog and commenting on others. But I have a few things to write about so maybe that will kick start my blogging again! If you haven't heard from me in a while, I haven't forgotten you!

Last night SP and I ended up going to the Sydney Swans opening night launch of their new members 'club'. I wasn't meant to be going and we weren't even invited, it was SP's Dad who was invited as he is a patron for the Swans but he couldn't make it so he gave the tickets to SP and I. It was an interesting night mingling with people from the sports and TV world, well I didn't actually mingle I just talked to SP. There were only about 150 people there, Damien Leith sang a few songs and of course a lot of the players were there. I got to meet a few of the players, including my fav player - Adam Goodes but the best part of the evening for me was meeting Sophie Delezio's parents. I had a really great chat with them, about how I had heard them interviewed and how in the midst of suffering they remained firm - they are really an inspiration to me - the real life 'stars' of the night. Her Dad told me last night that it was his faith that got him through.

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Dominic said...

Dear Nixter, It was Sally Collings who wrote the best seller book on Sophie's story - that came out last year. Sally was a member of church with us - till she and her husband moved to Brisbane :) I don't know if you would have met her though. Cheers, Dominic