Monday, February 04, 2008

our weekend

So it had been a busy end of the week.

Thursday night we had a friend over for dinner - the one who is a missionary in China. He came over with another friend of ours. We ordered pizza (I was being slack as I knew we had guests over on Friday night too) and talked about what he had been doing in China and what his plans are over the next year or so. It was so lovely to see him and catch up on life. He is heading back to China tomorrow for at least another year. On Thursday I also went for my first 'Curves' session it was great - I think I am going to love it, I love that it is so close to home!

Friday we had some other friends over for dinner, they are a couple from our old church who we haven't caught up with forever! I cooked a beef, spring onion, mushroom and snow pea stir-fry - YUM! They stayed around till almost midnight - that is WAY past my bedtime... But it was fun to hang out with them.

Saturday morning I got up and walked up to curves, did my workout and then jogged (yes I said jogged!) home. We then went to the beach with some friends, SP and Pete surfed and Vini swam and I just sat and watched - I plan on swimming each Saturday too now. I saw SP catch a really cool wave which was very gnarly? In the arvo our friend came over for left overs and a movie. We watched Along Came Polly - I liked it!

Sunday was church - it was awesome! I love our new church. Then we went over to friends for coffee and croissants.. We hung out with them for a few hours and then went home. It was chucking it down with rain all day yesterday so we resumed positions on the couch and watched 'Heroes'.
The Australia 'Biggest Loser' started last night followed by 'So you think you can dance Australia - I love both these shows - woo hoot!

Today it is really chucking it down AGAIN! What is going on with this weather? It is still quite warm but wet, wet, wet!


Giraffe Pen (기린 만년필) said...

Hey Nixter would u like to meet Olivia some time?

Nixter said...

I would love too... Will have to message you to organise it ;)

Tracy said...

sounds like a great weekend to me!

Christine said...

Good to hear you love your new church! That is awesome! I always wonder if we ever move if we will love our new church as much as our old church. :)