Friday, February 01, 2008

curves - sign me up

I cancelled my gym membership as I wasn't getting to the gym (read: I have been totally lazy!) I think getting to the gym has been the big thing and wanting to get home in time to cook. Anyway excuses, excuses, excuses.

I cancelled my gym membership but became a member of Curves! There are a few reason why I think this is going to work better:

1. It is literally a 5-10min walk from my house.
2. The totaly workout time is 30 mins (yes I said 30 mins).
3. It has been created for women.
4. I have heard heaps of great stories of women losing weight.
5. You can do it when you are pregnant (no I am not pregnant yet but if and when I do you can still go to curves).
6. You don't have to sign a contract so you can cancel whenever.
7. You apparently see results fairly quickly.
8. They recommend 3 times a week (as it is right where I get off the bus I might try and go a little more frequently).
9. It has been shown that interval training is better for women to burn fat and lose weight.
10. They take all your measurements and get you to come up with some goals, then each month they measure you again so see if you are heading in the right direction to achieving those goals.
11. It's ladies only.

So yesterday I had my first workout, it was really good. It's a combo of weight machines, the hydraulic kind - which means you can adjust how hard it is just by how fast you go. The faster you go the harder it is.

Every other piece of equipment is one of these machines working different parts of the body (arms, back, legs, abs) and then in between you have little stations where you jog on the spot, do jabs or just march (you can do what ever you feel like really it's just to keep the heart rate up but it can also be a rest station).

Every 8 minutes you check your pulse to make sure you are working within your fat burning category (they let you know how you work this out).

You do two circuits, stretch and then you are all done after 35 mins.

Women of all ages can do it and you can adjust how hard you work out and after my first workout I would thouroughly recommend it.

Will keep you posted on how I go!


Priscilla said...

I'm a member of Curves here in the States. I really like it. One thing I especially like is the socialness of it. Everyone is so friendly and talkative. At the gym, no one talked to me. Everyone was in their own little world there.

kristina said...

I have friends here who like Curves. I like #6 - No contract. I hope it works out well for you.

Dave Miers said...

curves sounds aweseom!!

hey i've changed my blog address to:
so feel free to change in your linkage...


Andy M said...

I always like the names they come up with for these women's gymns - "Curves", "Shapes", etc etc.

It sounds good. Is there a men's version?? Or a class at regular unisex gyms that follows similar interval training principles? I have done body pump once before - perhaps it's a bit like that. I'm not a member anywhere but have thought about it.

Nixter said...

I am not sure Andy - I have heard these ones are just for women but I don't think there are men's ones.

Maybe you could start one? Maybe you coudl call it 'Guns'???

emily said...

Nix, I loved your last comment! hilarious! "Guns". go for it Andy!

Tracy said...

I visited one once. I felt really silly doing the things... But I didn't really give it a fair try. I'm glad you are liking it. It does sound very convenient.

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