Monday, April 07, 2008

i'm going to be in a movie

Well kind of, don't get too excited!

I am actually going to be an extra in a movie called 'Mao's Last Dancer' you may have read or heard of the book. They are filming the movie in China, Australia and America and I have two days filming in May - one at the beginning and one at the end. It's directed by Bruce Beresford who is an Aussie Director who directed movies like Tender Mercies and Driving Miss Daisy.

Anyhoo - as I said it is just an extra part and I might end up on the cutting room floor but I think it might be fun. I go for my costume fitting on Thursday so I guess I will find out what I will be then as I don't know many more details. I imagine it will be long days and a bit boring waiting around but it might be fun and I might meet some interesting people, if nothing else it will be a good experience.

I guess when the movie comes out if I don't make the cutting room floor then you might be able to pause your video/dvd recorder and see me. I will keep you posted on how it goes!


Dave Miers said...

sounds like fun!!

would love an autographed copy of the dvd when it comes out...

kristina said...

That sounds exciting. Let us know what is happening.