Wednesday, April 02, 2008

my personal 'domestic' barista

For Christmas I got SP a 'Domestic Barista' course, 2 1/2 hours of training and information on coffee and coffee making.

Finally last night SP got to go along to his course, he took along our machine so that he could learn how to make coffee on the one we will use at home. He came back and I wanted to know what I got for my $$ ;)

He made me a coffee and it was so different to the ones he was previously making - it's all in the milk apparently and of course the beans, and maybe the coffee machine you use. No they said it was all about the milk!

SP's milk used to be quite runny but now the whole consistency is totally different, creamier and frothier. He could even do coffee art on his froth (that's if he knew how to do coffee art - maybe that could be his next course?!?), whereas before there was no way he could have done art on his coffee. He had a good time and loved it, he had been practicing using our machine for a while now and couldn't quite get it - NOW he has got it.

So now I have my very own 'Domestic Barista'. How lovely.

I am thinking of doing a course myself - if any of you can recommend one that would be good. I would happily go along to the one I sent SP on but as I know some of you are 'coffee guru's' so I thought I would check with you first.


SamR said...

Nice one Nixter - good to have a barista in the house. I think guthers went on a really good one - check it our here.

Guthers said...

I did indeed go to that one. We went with a group of 7 from my family which was great (Maybe you could get some friends together?).
It's aimed at giving people the basic skills to work as a barista and you get plenty of time to practice.
Jason is an espresso machine technician and he is really nice. He roasts his own beans too.
The price ($60) is much better than some of the fancy-schmancy courses.

But Nixter - we've talked about this before!

Nixter said...

Thanks for the recommendation guys. I will check it out and it's a bit cheaper than the one SP did.

You two experts should be able to teach me all there is to know right ;)

I know Guthers - I just love talking about coffee, just not poo flavoured kind!

Now how about some recommendations for coffee beans?

Anonymous said...

i'm impressed by SPs lattte art! Tell him I said 'Good job!'and I'm looking forward to mine! Looking forward to hanging out at the swannies when I get back to Sydney.

Nixter said...

Oh that wasn't SP's art sorry Kymmy - but I am hoping he will get there.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon gorgeous.