Wednesday, November 26, 2008

3 weeks to go!

I can't believe I have 3 weeks to go until we will hopefully have our little one with us, I would totally love it if they came a week early, that would just work out so perfectly and give me a couple of weeks til my Mum and her partner arrive and until Christmas arrives.

Anyhoo, it's not in my hands so I need to be patient and see what happens, I have a feeling I will be going over my due date and if so that's OK too - this little one will come when they are ready and so long as they come out all healthy and well then they can come out whenever they want - even Christmas day if they must, BUT the ob told me I would definitely have a baby by Christmas so I don't think he will deliver me on Christmas day - phew. Plus they aren't fully engaged yet, the little lazy bones, the ob thinks they may have dropped down a teeny bit but still not enough - we will see what happens in the next 2 weeks and go from there.

In other news I am in my 4th week of being a 'stay-at-home-mum-to-be' and I am quite enjoying it. It's hard to do a lot as I am pregnant and things are harder to do so some of the things on my list of jobs while I am off are probably not going to get done!

I have done a few things though:

- Sent off my British passport to change my name to my married name.
- Cleaned most of my kitchen cupboards out.
- Cleaned the HUGE mirrors on our wardrobe in the bedroom.
- Cleaned the fridge and freezer.
- Painted some canvas' for the nursery.
- Got the nursery all finished and set up - pics to follow.
- Picked up some last minute bits for Squiggly.
- Then the usual housework which I now try and split over a couple of days otherwise I get too tired.
- Thank you cards from my baby shower.

Can you say N.E.S.T.I.N.G!

Things I still want to get done.

- Clean the oven (SP is going to help me with this one) - don't you think this one is a man's job?
- Look up verses in the bible of parenting - I think I might do this one today!
- Clean blinds.
- Clean windows.
- Wash cars (SP will be doing this job although he kindly suggested I strap some sponges to my belly and clean the car like that!), I kindly suggested something else - which didn't involve my belly, me or cleaning the cars!
- Organise Christmas presents.

Anyhoo, I think some of the above will require SPs help and if they don't get done it really doesn't matter too much!

I am so excited to meet out little one - I can't wait to see who they look like and how big they are and see their little face. I had my ob checkup on Monday and got to see a face on the ultrasound but it's not the same - to see their face in real life will be something else! All looks well on the pre-eclampsia front, my blood pressure and urine are A OK so it doesn't look like I am following in my Mum's footsteps but continued prayers are always appreciated.

Well, I should stop babbling for now and will keep you all posted!


Tracy said...

All sounds great, Nixter. :o) I'm glad that you are keeping that attitude that it's okay if you don't get it all done.

I agree about the oven too, might be some fumes that aren't good for the wee one...

Laura said...

Nixter, check out Her latest is a few meditations on a handful of Scripture passages about children and parenting. Good stuff! :)

Bonnie said...

I heard of one woman who took her kitchen doors off to clean their HINGES (!) when she was nesting. Sounds like you're being very calm & laid back :-)

Good luck for these last 3 weeks. It must be so hard waiting. I struggle to wait for something like Christmas, so a baby must be even more impatience-making.